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Most-Wanted Parts for HP LaserJet 3390 Series Printers
HP LaserJet 3390 and 3392 All-In-One Series 
HP        LaserJet 3390 and 3392 All-In-One Series

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Printer Name Model Number PPM (max) DPI Monthly Duty Cycle Duplex Envelope Feeder Hard Disk Engine
LaserJet 3390/


22 1200 10,000 Yes No No 3390/
 Part Number  Description Compatibility
1320-RK view diagram Roller Kit, LJ 1160/1320/3390/92 LJ 3390/3392



Fuser Ass'y, 110V, LJ 1160/1320/3390/92
Fuser Ass'y, 220V, LJ 1160/1320/3390/92

LJ 3390/3392
RM1-2337-000 view diagram Fuser Ass'y, 220V, LJ 1160/1320/3390/92 LJ 3390/3392
RL1-0540-000 view diagram Roller, Paper Pick-Up LJ 3390/3392
RM1-1298-000 view diagram Pad, Separation, Tray 2, LJ 1160/1320/24xx/3390/92 LJ 3390/3392
RM1-1471-000 view diagram Roller, Transfer, LJ 1160/1320/3390/92 LJ 3390/3392
RM1-1281-070 view diagram Registration Ass'y LJ 3390/3392
Q5949A view diagram Toner Cartridge, (49A) Black, 2500p LJ 3390/3392
Q5949X view diagram Toner Cartridge, (49X) Black, 6kpg LJ 3390/3392
  Paper Handling Assemblies  
RM1-1313-000 view diagram Duplexer Ass'y, LJ 1320/3390/92 LJ 3390/3392
Q7556A view diagram Optional 250 Sheet Feeder/Tray 3 LJ 3390/3392
  Major Assemblies  
Q6445-60001 Formatter Ass'y LJ 3390/3392
Controller, 110V, LJ 3390/92
Controller, 220V, LJ 3390/92
LJ 3390/3392
  Addtional ADF Parts  
5851-2559 view diagram Pick-Up Roller, ADF LJ 3390/3392
Q2665-60125 view diagram Pad, Separation, ADF LJ 3390/3392
Q6500-60119 view diagram Input Tray, ADF LJ 3390/3392


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