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Most-Wanted Parts for HP LaserJet 1000 Series Printers
HP LaserJet 1000 Series  
HP LaserJet 1000 Series Printers

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Printer Name Model Number PPM (max) DPI Monthly Duty Cycle Duplex Envelope Feeder Hard Disk
HP LaserJet 1000 Q1342A 10 600 7,000 No No No
 Part Number  Description
1200-RK (the 1200 kit is also compatible with the LJ1000) Roller Kit, LaserJet 1000, 1200  Roller Kit, LJ 1000/1200
1200-MK view diagram  Maintenance Kit, LJ 1000/1200


1000 fuserFuser Ass'y, 110V
Fuser Ass'y, 220V

RG0-1013-000 view diagramTray Ass'y, without Cover
RG0-1014-000 view diagramCover Ass'y, Paper Tray
RF0-1014-000 view diagramPad, Separation
RF0-1003-000 view diagram Roller, Face-Up Output, Fuser
RL1-0303-000 view diagramRoller, Pick-Up
RG9-1483-000 view diagramTransfer Roller Ass'y


view diagramPaper Pick-Up Ass'y

RG0-1010-000 view diagramDelivery Roller Ass'y


view diagramToner Cartridge, (15A) Black, 2500pg


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