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HP JetDirect Internal Print Server J3111A

Refurbished units available at low prices. HP Product No. J3111A

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This JetDirect card has BNC and 10 Mbps RJ45 Ethenet connectors and an Apple LocalTalk connector.

The Printer Works always updates the JetDirect firmware inside the card to the latest versions available from HP. This ensures compatibility with changes and updates to network operating systems. The update procedure is tedious, and most users of the cards donĚt have time to be bothered with it. We have a full-time employee who upgrades dozens of the cards everyday, so itĚs easy for us to provide this service with the cards we sell. These updates are something that you might not get with the JetDirect cards from other suppliers who are not HP printer specialists like we are.

The full kit comes with a manual and software. However, software and manuals go out of date. The latest versions are easily downloadable from HP and most people prefer to purchase the card by itself. So, we find it's better for everyone if we just sell the cards, and the purchasers simply go to HP.COM and download the latest manual and driver software for their operating system.

If you need a manual for your HP JetDirect Print Server, you can download one for free from HP's site: www.hp.com. The latest software to configure your HP JetDirect Print Server is also available free of charge, together with self-help resources, at: www.hp.com/go/webjetadmin_software

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