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Original HP DIMM
Part No. C9129A

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HP LaserJet 8150 64MB SDRAM DIMM, C9129A

Web Access DIMM for HP LaserJet 8150 series,
HP Part No.
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A web server provides an environment in which web programs can run, much in the same way that an operating system, such as Windows, provides an environment for programs to run on your PC. The output from these programs can then be displayed by a web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

When a web server is “embedded”, that means it resides on a hardware device (such as a printer) or in firmware, rather than as software that is loaded on a network server. The advantage of an embedded web server is that it provides an interface to the printer that anyone with a network-connected PC and a standard web browser can access. There is no special software to install or configure. The HP Embedded Web Server helps you to display status information, change settings, and manage the printer from the comfort of your PC.

The HP Embedded Web Server allows you to view printer and network card status and manage printing functions from your PC. With the HP Embedded Web Server, you can do the following:

• View printer control panel messages and status lights.
• Determine the remaining life on all consumables.
• Order consumables.
• View and change tray configurations.
• View and change the printer configuration.
• View and print internal pages.
• Receive notification of printer events.
• Add or customize links to other web sites.
• Select the language in which to display the embedded web server
• View and change network card configuration.

Download HP user guide for Web Access DIMM (Adobe pdf file. 2.7MB)

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