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HP Parts for LaserJet Printers

Part No. C7845A-R
Memory Upgrade, DIMM , 32MB SDRAM, Refurbished

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HP LaserJet Part C7845A-R, Memory Upgrade

Memory Upgrade, DIMM, 32MB SDRAM
Part No. C7845A-R


••• C7845A is used in the following HP Products •••
product name HP model number(s)
Color LaserJet 2500L se printer C9693A
Color LaserJet 2500TN printer C9708AR, C9708A
Color LaserJet 4500 C4094AR, C4094A, C4089AR, C4089A, C4084AR, C4084A
Color LaserJet 4550 C7088AR, C7088A, C7087AR, C7087A, C9728A, C9729A, C7086AR, C7086A, C9727A, C7085AR, C7085A
Color LaserJet 8500 C9738A, C3985A, C9739A, C9737A, C3984A, C3983A
Color LaserJet 8550 MFP C7834AR, C7834A, C7837AR, C7837A, C7839AR, C7839A
Color LaserJet 8550 C7096AR, C7096A, C7097AR, C7097A, C7098A, C7099A
HP Color LaserJet 2500 printer C9706AR, C9706A
HP Color LaserJet 2500L printer C9705AR, C9705A
HP Color LaserJet 2500n printer C9707AR, C9707A
LaserJet 1220 C7048AR, C7048A, C7047AR, C7047A, C7044AR, C7044A, C7049A, C7045AR, C7045A
LaserJet 1300n series printer Q1334AR, Q1334A, Q1335AR, Q1335A
LaserJet 3330 Series Printer C9124AR, C9124A, C9709A, C9125AR, C9125A, C9151AR, C9151A, C9126AR, C9126A
LaserJet 4000N C4120AR, C4120A
LaserJet 4000T C4121AR, C4121A, C4119AR, C4119A
LaserJet 4000 C3094A, C4118AR, C4118A
LaserJet 4050N C4253AR, C4253A
LaserJet 4050T C4254AR, C4254A, C4252AR, C4252A
LaserJet 4050 C4255A, C4251AR, C4251A
LaserJet 4100 C9148AR, C9148A, C9149A, C8052AR, C8052A, C8050AR, C8050A, C8051AR, C8051A, C8049AR, C8049A
LaserJet 5000 C8068AR, C8068A, C4112AR, C4112A, C4247A, C4111AR, C4111A, C4110AR, C4110A, C4115A
LaserJet 5100 TN Q1862AR, Q1862A, Q1862V, Q1863A, Q1860AR, Q1860A, Q1860V, Q1861AR, Q1861A, Q1861V
LaserJet 8000 C4087AR, C4087A, C4086AR, C4086A, C4085AR, C4085A
LaserJet 8100 C4216AR, C4216A, C4215AR, C4215A, C4214AR, C4214A
LaserJet 8150 C4267AR, C4267A, C4269A, C4268A, C4266AR, C4266A, C4265AR, C4265A, C9135AR, C9135A
LaserJet 9000 C8521AR, C8521A, C8522A, C8520AR, C8520A, C8519AR, C8519A
Mopier 240 C4228AR, C4228A
Mopier 320 C4229A, C4230A, C4246AR, C4246A

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