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Paper Pusher Bar for HP DeskJet Printers

Part No. C6429-40031

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HP DeskJet Paper Pusher Bar C6429-40031

Includes Installation Instructions

New units available at low prices. HP Product No. C6429-40031

The C6429-40031 DeskJet Paper Pusher Bar is the component of many HP DeskJet printers that ejects the paper from the printer. Small notches on the Paper Pusher Bar catch the trailing edge of the page and push it out of the printer and into the paper output tray at the last stage of the paper path. This fragile part can easily break during improper removal of a paper jam.

The C6429-40031 DeskJet Paper Pusher Bar is available by itself or with installation instructions.

• C6429-40031 is used in the following HP Products •

product name HP model number(s)
DeskJet 930C C6427A, C6427AR, C6427J, C6427JR, C6427F, C6427G
DeskJet 932C C6427B, C6427BR
DeskJet 950C C6428A, C6428AR, C8573A, C8456A
DeskJet 952C C8652C
DeskJet 970Cxi C6429A, C6429AR
DeskJet 970Cse C6429B, C7337A
DeskJet 955C C6429C
OfficeJet G55/G55xi C6734A, C6734AR, C6736A, C6736AR, C6738A, C6738AR
OfficeJet G85/G85xi C6737A, C6737AR, C6737B, C6739A, C6739AR
OfficeJet G95 C6740A, C6740AR, C6740B
OfficeJet K60/K60xi C6748A, C6748AR, C6749A
OfficeJet K80/K80xi C6750A, C6751A
Color Copier 180/190 C6741A, C6741AR, C6743A
Color Copier 280/290 C6742A, C6742AR, C6744A
InkJet Fax 1220 C8461A
InkJet Fax 1220xi C8462A
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