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HP LaserJet 4P and 4MP

Please click on part numbers to check price & availability of a particular model. 4P: C2005A
4MP: C2040A

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HP LaserJet 4P: C2005A

HP LaserJet 4MP: C2040A

Adobe PostScript Level 2 SIMM: C2049-67901

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HP Toner available

HP LaserJet 4P and 4MP printers provide features that are excellent for individuals and small work groups both. See Specification Table below.

High-quality printing with true 600 x 600-dpi. Two trays (one holding 100 sheets and the other holding 250 sheets) allow printing sizes from postcard to legal without changing trays. Standard SIMM memory slots allow for memory expansion, optional printer language, or custom SIMM solutions.

The HP LaserJet 4P printer uses HP's Enhanced PCL 5 (Printer Command Language Level 5), a printer language that is standard for desktop laser printing in PC operating environments, such as Microsoft (R) Windows and DOS. The 4MP can be upgraded with a PostScript SIMM.

The HP LaserJet 4MP printer comes standard with the Adobe (R) PostScript Level 2 printer language SIMM, as well as LocalTalk, ready for use in the Apple Macintosh environment.

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The HP LaserJet 4P and 4MP are in the PX group of printers.

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Superior print quality

True 600 dpi

Resolution Enhancement technology (REt)

Microfine toner (Toner Average Life at 5% Coverage: 3000 Pages)

Custom-media solution

Supports custom media (envelopes, labels, 3 x 5 inch cards, and more)

Wrinkle-free envelopes

Affordable price


Instant on/off power fuser

Power-saving design

Faster printing performance

4 ppm

High-performance RISC based processor

Performance tuned PCL & HP-GL/2

High speed I/Os

Increased typeface variety

4P: 45 resident scalable typefaces:
       (35 Intellifont and 10 TrueType Typefaces )

4MP: 35 Type 1 Typefaces (PostScript) are standard with 4MP


4P: 2 MBexpandable to 26 (three available memory slots)

4MP: 6 MB expandable to 22 (two available memory slots)

Memory Enhancement technology (MEt)

Maximum Monthly Duty Cycle 8,000 pages

Enhanced PCL 5,

PostScript Level 2 (standard with 4MP)

PostScript Upgradeable SIMM
Interfaces Serial (9 pin), Bi-Tronics parallel,

Local Talk (standard with 4MP)


3 SIMM slots (for memory, language)

Font cartridge slot

Networkable options (HP Jetdirect Ex print server)

MIO Slot No
Warranty Six-Month warranty from The Printer Works

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