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HP LaserJet 4200/4300 Series Specifications

Please click on part numbers to check price & availability of a particular model. 4200: Q2425A 4200dtns: Q2446A 4300tn: Q2433A
4200n: Q2426A 4200dtnsl: Q2447A 4300dtn: Q2434A
4200tn: Q2427A 4300: Q2431A 4300dtns: Q2435A
4200dtn: Q2428A 4300n: Q2432A 4300dtnsl: Q2448A

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HP LaserJet 4200/4300 series printers

Above: HP LaserJet 4200 / 4300 base units come with 100 sheet and 500 sheet input trays.

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HP Toner available:
       LJ 4200LJ 4300

The HP LaserJet 4200 300 MHz printer prints letter-size paper at up to 35 pages-per-minute (ppm) or A4-size paper at up to 33 ppm. The printer produces 1200 dots-per-inch (dpi) print quality for fast, high-quality printing of business text and graphics. See specification table

The HP LaserJet 4300 350 MHz printer prints letter-size paper at up to 45 pages-per-minute (ppm) or 43 ppm A4-size paper. The printer produces 1200 dots-per-inch (dpi) print quality for fast, high-quality printing of business text and graphics. See specification table

    Expandable design!

    • Two EIO slots for connecting to networks or additional devices
    • Expandable memory up to 416 MB
    • Optional, stackable 500-sheet trays; up to two optional trays that can be installed
    • Optional 1,500-sheet tray; up to two optional trays that can be installed, only one of which can be a 1,500-sheet tray
    • Optional envelope feeder that holds up to 75 envelopes
    • Optional duplexer for two-sided printing
    • Optional stacker that can hold up to 500 sheets
    • Optional stapler/stacker that can staple jobs of up to 15 sheets or hold up to 500 unstapled sheets
    • Optional storage cabinet
    • Optional flash storage for forms, fonts, and signatures
    • Optional hard disk for job storage
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HP LaserJet 4100, 4200, 4300 Series Printers — Product Comparison
Part or accessory Functionality HP LaserJet 4100
series printers
HP LaserJet 4200
series printers
HP LaserJet 4300
series printers
Basic engine Full speed 25 pages per minute (ppm) Letter 35 ppm Letter 45 ppm Letter
First page out (FPO) time < 12 seconds < 10 seconds < 10 seconds
Resolution ProRes 1200 ProRes 1200 ProRes 1200
Cassette tray XY up to A5 No Yes Yes
Cassette lift type Spring Mechanical gear driven Mechanical gear driven
Corner tabs in cassette Yes No No
Acoustic levels (printing) 6.6 bels 6.8 bels 7.0 bels
Cartridge Capacity 6,000 and 10,000 pages 12,000 pages 18,000 pages
Cooling fans Number 1 1 2
Main motors Number 1 1 2 (1 for electro-photographic, or EP, process only)
Duplexer Type Internal Output turnaround, throughput penalty  
Processor Speed 250 megahertz (MHz) 300 MHz 350 MHz
High-capacity input (HCI) 1500 sheet feeder No Yes Yes
Stacker and/or stapler/
Output devices present No Yes Yes
Feature Specification
Part Numbers
4200: Q2425A
4200dtn: Q2428A
4200dtns: Q2446A
4200dtnsL: Q2447A

4300: Q2431A
4300n: Q2432A
4300dtn: Q2434A
4300dtns: Q2435A
4300dtnsL: Q2448A
Print Speed Black, Best Quality 4200 series— Letter: 34 ppm; A4: 33ppm
4300 series— Letter: 45 ppm; A4: 43ppm
First Page Out Instant-on fuser produces first page in less than 10 secs
Processor 4200 series— 300 MHz RISC
4300 series— 350 MHz RISC
Duty Cycle, Pages Per Month 4200 series— 150,000
4300 series— 200,000
Paper Handling Accessories
Item Part number Description or use
500-sheet tray and feeder unit Q2440A Consists of the tray and feeder. Order this item to add paper capacity to the printer. In addition to the base printer, there is a maximum of two more trays.
1,500-sheet tray and feeder unit Q2444A Adds paper capacity to the printer. In addition to the base printer, there is a maximum of two more trays. (Only one of those trays can be a 1,500-sheet tray.)
Envelope feeder Q2438A Holds up to 75 envelopes.
Duplexer (duplex printing accessory) Q2439A Allows automatic printing on both sides of paper.
500-sheet stacker Q2442A Provides an additional output bin that holds 500 sheets.
500-sheet stapler/stacker Q2443A Allows for high-volume output with automatic job finishing. Staples up to 15 sheets of paper.
1,000-staple cartridge Q3216A Provides three staple cartridges.
Storage cabinet Q2445A Raises the height of the printer and provides room to store paper.
Paper Trays, std. 4200 / 4200n & 4300 / 4300n: 100 sheet, 500 sheet
all other models: 100 sheet, 500 sheet, + additional 500 sheet
Paper Trays, max. 4
Input Capacity, std. 4200 / 4200n & 4300 / 4300n: 600 sheets
all other models: 1,100 sheets
Input Capacity, max. Up to 2,600 sheets (add optional 1,500-sheet tray)
Output Capacity. std. 300: 250 face down, 50 face up sheets
Output Capacity. max. 800 sheets (add 500-sheet stacker or 500-sheet staple-stacker)
Envelope Input, std. 10
Envelope Input, max. Add envelope feeder for 75
Duplex Printing 4200 / 4200n / 4200tn & 4300 / 4300n / 4300tn: Optional
all other models: Standard
Media Sizes, Std Letter, Legal, A4, Executive, A5, B5 (JIS), #10, monarch envelopes
Media Sizes, Custom 3.5 to 8.5 x 14 inches
Media Types Paper (copier, bond, vellum, special application, recycled), transparencies
Media Weights 16 to 53 lb
Media Handling/Document Finishing Multiple input trays, duplexer (duplexer included with all models except base models – 4200 and 4300 – for which it is optional)
Memory, Std. 4200: 48 MB, All other 4200 models: 64 MB
64 MB, All other 4300 models: 80 MB
Memory, Max. 416 MB, plus optional 5 GB EIO Hard Disk (J6054B. Provides permanent storage for fonts and forms. Also used for making multiple original prints and for job-storage features.)
Memory Slots All models: 4 100-pin DIMM slots.

The base 4200 has slot 1 preloaded with 48MB DIMM. All other 4200 printers have a 64MB DIMM in slot 1. Slots 2,3, and 4 are empty.

The base 4300 has a 64MB in slot 1. Slots 2, 3, and 4 are empty. All other 4300 printers have an additional 16MB DIMM in slot 2. Slots 3 and 4 are clear.
Memory Technology MEt
Typefaces 80 built-in
Connectivity, Std. 4200 & 4300: parallel port for connectivity. The printer has two enhanced input/output
(EIO) slots and a standard bidirectional parallel cable interface (IEEE-1284 compliant)

All other models: Same as above, plus HP Jetdirect 10/100Base-TX EIO server card for network connection (HP Jetdirect 615n internal enhanced input/output (EIO) print server), and embedded web server.
Connectivity, Opt. HP JetDirect internal print servers
Prints Color No
Print Quality, Black Best 1200 x 1200 dpi
Resolution Technology, Black Print HP ProRes 1200, HP FastRes 1200, REt, UltraPrecise toner
Print Languages, Std. HP PCL 6, PCL 5e, HP-GL/2 and PostScript® 3 emulation
Print Languages, Opt. None
Automatic Language Switching Yes
Automatic I/O Switching Yes
Automatic Network Switching 4200 & 4300: Yes, with optional HP JetDirect internal print servers
all other models: Yes
Supported Operating Systems Microsoft (R) Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows, NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP; MAC 8.6, 9.xx, OSX 10.1 or later
Warranty Six-Month warranty from The Printer Works
Weight 4200/4200n & 4300/4300n: 45 lb (20kg)
4200tn & 4300tn: 60 lb (27kg)
4200dtn & 4300dtn:
66 lb (30kg)
4200dtns & 4300dtns: 72 lb (32kg)
4200dtn & 4300dtn: 75 lb (34kg)

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