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Duplex Unit, Main Body

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Duplex Unit, Main Body, 1

Duplex Unit, Main Body, 2
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Part Number Description
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Printer Compatibility Notes
D10-0 C3762A Duplexer Unit LJ 5Si/MX/NX, Mopier 5Si
D10-0 C4782A  Duplexer Assembly LJ 5Si/MX/NX, Mopier 5Si, LJ 8000/8100/8150 Series, 240, 320
D10-1 RB1-6810-000 Spring, Leaf WX
D10-2 RB1-6811-000 Flag, Sensor WX
D10-3 RB1-6812-000 Plate, Grounding WX
D10-4 RB1-6813-000 Guide, Cable, Front WX
D10-5 RB1-6814-000 Guide, Cable, Rear WX
D10-6 RB1-6815-000 Guide, Lower, Right WX
D10-7 RB1-6816-000 Guide, Lower, Left WX
D10-8 RB1-6817-000 Shaft WX
D10-9 RB1-6819-000 Spring, Compression WX
D10-10 RB1-6822-000 Roller, Duplexing, 1 WX, LJ 5Si/MX/NX/HM, 8000 Series, Mopier 5Si, 240
D10-11 RB1-6823-000 Guide, Duplexing WX
D10-12 RB1-6824-000 Roller, Duplexing, 2 WX
D10-13 RB1-6825-000 Plate, Mount, Connector WX
D10-14 RB1-6826-000 Holder, Connector WX
D10-15 RB1-6827-000 Mount, Sensor WX
D10-16 RB1-6828-000 Roller, Reverse WX, LJ 5Si/MX/NX/HM, 8000 Series, Mopier 5Si, 240
D10-17 RB1-6830-000 Cover, Solenoid WX
D10-18 RB1-6831-000 Lever, Swing WX
D10-19 RB1-6832-000 Plate, Top WX
D10-20 RB1-6834-000 Lever, Pressure WX
D10-21 RB1-6835-000 Guide, Side Registration, Rear WX
D10-22 RB1-6836-000 Rack, RY WX
D10-23 RB1-6837-000 Guide, Side Registration, Front WX
D10-24 RB1-6839-000 Cover, PCB WX
D10-25 RB1-6840-000 Plate, Reinforcement WX
D10-26 RB1-6841-000 Guide, Switch WX
D10-27 RB1-6842-000 Knob, RF WX
D10-28 RB1-6843-000 Knob, RR WX
D10-29 RB1-6844-000 Spring, Torsion WX
D10-30 RB1-6845-000 Guide, Upper WX
D10-31 RB1-6846-000 Shaft, Knob WX
D10-32 RB1-6847-000 Shaft, Sensor WX
D10-33 RB1-6848-000 Roller WX
D10-34 RB1-6849-000 Lever, Sensor, H WX
D10-35 RB1-6850-000 Lever, Sensor, R WX
D10-36 RB1-6851-000 Holder, Mount WX
D10-37 RB1-6852-000 Cover, Sensor WX
D10-38 RB1-6853-000 Spring, Torsion WX
D10-39 RB1-6854-000 Guide, Cable, Front WX
D10-40 RB1-6855-000 Guide, Cable, Rear WX
D10-41 RF5-1476-000 Roller Holder WX
D10-42 RF5-1478-000 Plate, Motor, H WX
D10-43 RF5-1480-000 Plate, Motor, Y WX
D10-44 RG5-1905-000 Paper Sensor Cable Assembly WX
D10-45 RG5-1906-000 Duplexing Cable, 2 WX
D10-46 RG5-1907-000 Side Registration Sensor Cable WX
D10-47 RG5-1929-000 Duplexing Reverse Sensor Cable WX
D10-48 RH7-1263-000 Motor, Stepping WX
D10-49 RH7-1264-000 Motor, Stepping WX
D10-50 RH7-5122-000 Clutch, Electromagnetic WX
D10-51 RH7-5129-000 Solenoid WX
D10-52 RH7-5130-000 Solenoid WX
D10-53 RS5-0068-000 Gear, 17T/70T WX
D10-54 RS5-0766-000 Gear, 26T WX
D10-55 RS5-0767-000 Gear, 23T/37T WX
D10-56 RS5-0768-000 Gear, 27T WX
D10-57 RS5-0769-000 Gear, 21T WX
D10-58 RS5-0770-000 Gear, 24T WX
D10-59 RS5-0771-000 Gear, 20T WX
D10-60 RS5-0772-000 Pulley, 16T/Gear, 37T WX
D10-61 RS5-0773-000 Gear, 26T WX
D10-62 RS5-0774-000 Gear, 25T WX
D10-63 RS5-0775-000 Gear, 33T WX
D10-64 RS5-1001-000 Bushing WX
D10-65 RS5-1002-000 Bushing WX
D10-66 RS5-1021-000 Bushing WX, LJ 5Si/MX/NX, 8000 Series, Mopier 5Si, 240
D10-67 RS5-2471-000 Spring, Compression WX
D10-68 RS5-2472-000 Spring, Tension WX
D10-69 RS5-2473-000 Spring, Compression WX
D10-70 RS5-2474-000 Spring, Tension WX
D10-71 RS5-2483-000 Spring, Tension WX
D10-72 RS5-3099-000 Pulley, 15T WX
D10-73 RS5-3100-000 Pulley, 20T WX
D10-74 RS5-3101-000 Pulley, 14T WX
D10-75 RS5-6173-000 Roller WX
D10-76 WG8-0291-000 IC, Photo, TLP1230 WX, LJ 5Si/MX/NX, 8000/8100/8150 Series, Mopier 5Si, 240, 320
D10-77 XA9-0267-000 Screw, TP, M3X6 WX, LJ 5Si/MX/NX, 8000 Series, Mopier 5Si, 240
D10-78 XA9-0527-000 Screw, TP WX
D10-79 XF9-0565-000 Belt, Timing WX
D10-80 XF9-0566-000 Belt, Timing WX
D10-81 WT2-5026-000 Clip, Cable WX
D10-82 RB1-6809-000 Holder, Grounding Plate WX
D10-83 WT2-5056-000 Clamp, Cable WX
D10-84 XA9-0547-000 Screw, TP, M3X6 WX, LJ 5Si/MX/NX, 8000 Series, Mopier 5Si, 240
D10-85 RS5-8595-000 Label, Operation WX
D10-501 XB1-2300-407 Screw, BH3x4 (S) WX
D10-502 XB4-7300-607 Screw, Tapping, Truss Head, M3X6 WX
D10-503 XD3-2200-102 Pin, Dowel WX
D10-504 XB4-7401-007 Screw, M4x10 Pan Head Tapping WX, LJ 5Si/MX/NX, 8000 Series, Mopier 5Si, 240
D10-505 XD2-1100-402 Ring, E WX, LJ 5Si/MX/NX, 8000 Series, Mopier 5Si, 240
D10-506 XD2-1100-502 Ring, E WX, LJ 5Si/MX/NX, 8000 Series, Mopier 5Si, 240
D10-507 XD2-2100-602 Ring, Grip (W08) WX
D10-508 XD3-1160-102 Pin, Spring WX

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