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Fixing Assembly

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The Fixing Assembly heats the dry, dusty toner particles to the melting point and presses them onto the paper. Because of high heat and the continual motion of the printing process, the Fixing Assembly is the most likely part of the printer to require service. Dust and dirt tend to collect in the Fixing Assembly, wearing grooves into the upper teflon roller and wearing out other small parts, such as the 14-tooth gear.

The Printer Works offers both new and rebuilt fixing assemblies, as well as parts. All SX, RX and TX printers use the same Fixing Assembly. Various parts have been revised, but all versions are interchangeable as long as they are the correct voltage.

Special Notes

Fixing assemblies sold as new or rebuilt include the Fixing Delivery Assembly (Diagram 370).

The only major difference between the 110/115V and 200/240V versions is the heater lamp. For 110/115V, use lamp Part No. RH7-4024-000. For 200/240V, use RH7-4025-000.

The 20-tooth gear (Item 18 in the Diagram) was changed in such a way that the new part does not exactly replace the old part, very unusual for Canon. The original part number, RS1-0116-000, was changed to RS1-0116-020. The -020 part is molded with small hubs that must be cut off with a sharp blade (an X-ACTO knife works well) so it will fit onto the original shaft. This could be avoided if the shaft were also replaced with a new version, but this shaft and plate assembly is one of the few parts Canon does not sell separately. A new plate and shaft assembly can be purchased only as part of an entire Fixing Assembly. This Canon policy makes it impossible to build an entire Fixing Assembly out of individually purchased parts.

For price and ordering information or to place the item in your shopping cart, select a Part Number in the table.

Note: We're now offering maintenance kits. See table below.

ITEM        PART NO.          DESCRIPTION                         NOTES
810-        RG1-0939-450      Fixing Ass'y (100/115V)             ALL
810-        RG1-0940-370      Fixing Ass'y (220/240V)             ALL
810-1       RA1-3932-030      Guide, Paper                        ALL
810-2       RA1-3931-020      Crossmember, Upper                  ALL
810-3       RF1-2032-000      Holder, Left, Heater Terminal       ALL
810-3A      RA1-6082-000      Damper Felt      ALL
810-4       RA1-3937-000      Holder, Right, Heater Terminal      ALL
810-5       RA1-3942-060      Lever, Delivery Sensing             ALL
810-6       RA1-3944-000      Shaft, Gear                         ALL
810-7       RA1-3946-000      Cam, Drive Release                  ALL
810-8       RA1-3956-000      Plate, Support, Left                ALL
810-9       RA1-3957-000      Plate, Support, Right               ALL
810-10      RA1-3958-000      Spring, Leaf                        ALL
810-11      RA1-3959-000      Cover, Left                         ALL
810-12      RA1-3960-000      Cover, Right                        ALL
810-13      RA1-3963-000      Cap, Roller                         ALL
810-14      RA1-3964-000      Spring, Leaf                        ALL
810-15      RA1-3967-020      Eliminator, Static Charge           ALL
810-16      RA1-3968-000      Fixing Roller, Upper (Teflon)       ALL
810-17      RS1-0114-020      Gear, 27T/18T                       ALL
810-18      RS1-0116-000      Gear, 20T                           ALL
810-19      RS1-0132-020      Gear, 14T                           ALL
810-20      RS1-1019-000      Bushing                             ALL
810-21      RS1-2104-000      Spring, Tension                     ALL
810-22      RS1-2105-000      Spring, Tension                     ALL
810-23      RS1-2109-020      Spring, Tension                     ALL
810-24      FB1-0242-000      Roller, Lower (Rubber)              ALL
810-25      FB1-0253-000      Ring, Retaining                     ALL
810-26      FS5-0020-000      Gear, 32T                           ALL
810-27      RS1-1040-030      Bushing                             ALL
810-28      RS1-2199-000      Spring, Compression                 ALL
810-29      RH7-4024-000      Heater, 115V 620W (100/115V)        ALL
810-29      RH7-4025-000      Heater, 240V 570W (220/240V)        ALL
810-30      XA9-0267-000      Screw, TP M3X6                      ALL
810-31      XA9-0342-000      Screw, Stepped, M3                  ALL
810-32      RG1-0966-030      Cleaner Unit, Fixing Roller         ALL
810-33      XD9-0079-000      Washer, Wave                        ALL
810-34      RF1-0923-020      Cover, Upper                        ALL
810-35      RA1-3941-000      Guide, Separation                   ALL
810-36      RF1-0921-000      Arm                                 ALL
810-37      RF1-0842-000      Thermoswitch                        ALL
810-38      RF1-0999-000      Guide, Paper, Upper                 ALL
810-39      RH2-5045-000      Connector, 2P, Female               ALL
810-39-41   RG1-0911-000      Connector Cable Ass'y               ALL
810-40      RH2-5046-000      Contact                             ALL
810-41      WT1-0217-000      Terminal, Ring, 3.68MM              ALL
810-42      RA1-4648-000      Plate, Grounding                    ALL
810-43      XB1-2300-409      Screw, Binding M3X4 (E10)           ALL
810-44      XB5-7300-409      Screw, Washerhead, M3X (K41)        ALL
810-45      XD2-1100-502      Washer, Retaining E-Ring (V12)      ALL
810-46      XD2-2100-402      Ring, Grip, (W05)                   ALL

MAINTENANCE KITS--->Contents of Kit (See photograph and details.)

KIT         33449-37904       Maintenance Kit, (120V) - 100k Pg. Rpl Parts     All SX

KIT         33449-67903       Maintenance Kit, (220V) - 100k Pg. Rpl Parts     All SX

Each SX Maintenance Kit contains (see photograph and details):

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