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Model Information

[Canon LBP-SX VDO printer]

Model Data
Model NumberLBP-SX VDO
Introduction DateApril 1987
Original MSRPWholesale OEM Contract Only
Replaces ModelLBP-CX VDO
Replaced by ModelNone


The LBP-SX VDO model is often referred to as the SX OEM, or SX Video model. These printers were manufactured for connection to OEM print controllers located outside of the printer. Unlike most laser printers, there is no memory-laden video controller inside the covers of these printers. There are no Centronics parallel or RS-232 interfaces, and no font cartridge slots. The only interface is a 37 pin D shaped connector, called a DB-37S, located at the rear of the bottom case.

Canon sells this ready-to-go sub-system to many different OEM customers who build print controllers. Controller boards are usually placed either inside custom control boxes or inside an IBM PC, a Macintosh or a proprietary host system made by the OEM.

The LBP-SX VDO printers have only a status panel instead of a full-function control panel. The status panel has LEDs that indicate Ready, Paper Out, Paper Jam, and Toner Low. This familiar status panel is also used on some printers with internal controllers such as the QMS PS-810.

Canon SX engines are rated at 8 pages per minute maximum. There are no variations in paper feed speed between the various models. Actual print speed is usually limited by how fast the print controller can format and rasterize the image.

Standard dpi ratings are 240, 300, or 400. Basically the engines are all the same. The difference between 240-, 300-, and 400-dpi versions as shipped from Canon is the rotational rate of the laser beam scanning mirror as it scans the page. Faster scan times result in more scans of the page if the paper is moving at the same 8 ppm speed. More scan lines per page create higher resolution. The rotation rate can easily be modified by changing crystals on the DC controller board. Scan rates that produce 400 dpi are the maximum.

[Canon LBP-SX VDO bottom case, rear view]


The bottom case of the SX VDO printer has only one small opening for the DB-37S connector. There are no font cartridge slots or RAM upgrade door panels. Canon LBP-SX VDO printers do not have the fan inside the bottom case that internal video controller versions need for cooling the controller board.

[Canon LBP-SX PCB bottom case, rear view (QMS-PS 815)]


The LBP-SX is also offered to OEM manufactures with a bottom case set up to hold an internal print controller. Canon calls this version of the SX the LBP-SX PCB. The PCB letters stand for Printed Circuit Board assembly. The LBP-SX PCB is used by QMS for the PS 8XX series and by NewGen. These printers all have bottom cases with a large opening at the rear for the I/O panel of the OEM controller board. The bottom cases do not have any provision for font cartridge slots, but they do have a side panel for installing RAM upgrades or personality modules.


[Canon LBP-SX FC version, showing font cartridge slots]


The LBP-SX is also offered in a version set up for an internal PCB that can accommodate font cartridge slots. This version is known as the LBP-SX PCB FC (FC standing for Font Cartridge). Brother and many other OEMS use this version. The font cartridge slots are available in several different styles for thin IC cards as well as standard size font cartridge slots. The IC card versions have thinner slot guides in the bottom pan.

[Canon LBP-SX IC version, showing font cartridge slots]

The bottom cases have a large hole at the back for the I/O panel of the OEM-installed controller. There are also two font cartridge openings and dual font cartridge guides in the front of the bottom case. A small side door panel in the bottom case is provided for user-installable RAM boards and personality modules.


The Printer Works can build Canon LBP-SX VDO printers from parts at special request. Refurbished printers are in like-new condition and come with a Six-Month Warranty. For a price quote, select the printer's part number in the ordering information table.

Video Interface Notes

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[SX-LBP VDO circuit board (video interface)]

This circuit board is the video interface for external video printers. The external video interface on the SX follows the protocol developed for the LBP-CX. This allows OEM customers who used the older CX engine to substitute the new SX engine without changing their video controller, software, or interface cable. Production of the CX engine ceased when the SX engine was introduced. A few serial status and command protocols were added to the interface protocol but these extra features do not affect compatibility with controllers originally designed for the CX.

Supplies and Accessories

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You can check prices or order these items from the ordering information table below.


The Canon LBP-SX VDO uses the same toner cartridges as all other SX-based printers.


The Canon LBP-SX VDO printer uses the same shaped paper trays and high-capacity feeders as all other SX-based printers. All versions are physically interchangeable, but there are slight color differences. (See also Diagram 300.)


To take advantage of the video interface, the most logical upgrade is some sort of external controller. The QMS JetScript is an economical controller that fits inside an IBM compatible PC and gives the printer authentic Adobe PostScript compatibility with 35 resident typefaces. The Printer Works also offers internal controller kits that include bottom pans, control panels, and other parts to convert an OEM SX VDO printer into almost any other model.

For IBM PC users, The Printer Works FineLine 600dpi controller provides excellent print quality and fast printing of complex graphics. The Printer Works FineLine is an ISA bus-based controller that requires a '386 or faster, with at least 8 megabytes of RAM. The FineLine software uses the Windows GDI driver to rasterize the page utilizing your system's processor & RAM, so the faster your computer is, the faster the printer is.

Ordering Information

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For price and ordering information or to place the item in your shopping cart,
select a Part Number in the table.
Part NumberDescription
R61-0012 Printer, Canon, LBP-SX VDO, 110V 50/60Hz, 300 dpi
R61-0013 Printer, Canon, LBP-SX VDO, 110V 50/60Hz, 400 dpi
R61-0015 Printer, Canon, LBP-SX VDO, 220V 50Hz, 300 dpi
R61-0016 Printer, Canon, LBP-SX VDO, 220V 50Hz, 400 dpi
RG1-0715-000PCBA, Video Interface Assembly, OEM SX/TX/RX VDO

Model Information
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