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Model Information

[Hewlett-Packard LaserJet IIID printer]

Model Data
Model Number HP 33459
Introduction Date March 1990
Original MSRP $3,595
Replaces Model HP LaserJet IID
Replaced by Model LaserJet 4 Plus


The LaserJet IIID is the dual-tray version of the LaserJet III. Like the LaserJet III, it features Resolution Enhancement Technology (RET) and PCL 5. In addition to having a second tray, the RX-based LaserJet IIID can print on both sides of the paper (duplex). It does this by reversing the paper in the "switchback assembly" located at the rear of the printer. The IIID is considered an excellent product by most of its users, but its added cost and size has made it less popular than the SX-based LaserJet III.


The LaserJet IIID, like the III, contains the basic 14 bitmapped Courier, LinePrinter, and Times fonts of the LaserJet IID/IIP, plus scalable CG Times (like Times Roman), and Univers (like Helvetica). These two scalable typefaces are provided in four versions each: normal, bold, italic, and bold italic. See the HP Font Cartridges page for other available fonts.


The HP LaserJet IIID has been discontinued, but The Printer Works can build them from parts at special request. Refurbished printers are in like-new condition and come with a Six-Month Warranty. For a price quote, select the printer's part number in the ordering information table.

Controller Notes

Model Information | Supplies and Accessories | Ordering Information | Text Only

[Hewlett-Packard IIID Controller]

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Controller Specifications
Part Number 10 MHz: 33449-60001
10 MHz: 33451-60001
16 MHz: 33497-60001
Designer/Mfg. HP
Design Similar to None
Std. Emulations Adobe PostScript
Opt. Emulations PCL 5 (incorporates HP-GL/2)
Emulation Brand HP
CPU & Clock Rate 68000 @ 10 MHz or 16 MHz
ASIC(s) Yes, HP Proprietary 1MK6-0201
Bitmap Resolution (max) 300 X 300
Base RAM 1 Megabyte
Max RAM 5 Megabytes
Font Cartridges 2 Slots, Std. Full Size
Control Panel Type Full Function with 16 Char. LCD
Standard Interfaces RS-232, Centronics Parallel
Optional Interfaces AppleTalk, External Video, LAN

The LaserJet IIID controller is exactly the same board as the LaserJet III controller. The controller senses the engine type by communicating with the different (SX or RX) DC controllers. If installed in a single-bin SX engine, it operates the printer mechanism and control panel as a LaserJet III. If the controller finds an RX DC controller, it operates in LaserJet IIID mode. The control panel of the LaserJet III has an extra light indicating duplex operation. The control panel menu includes duplex/simplex set-up options. As stated in the LaserJet III section, there are three versions of the controller. The latest one (shown in the picture above) uses a 16 MHz 68000 instead of a 10 MHz version.

HP quietly started putting 16 MHz boards into the LaserJet III and IIID printers in late 1991. HP probably had several reasons for avoiding the usual fanfare associated with a major product upgrade. First, HP didn't want to obsolete existing inventories in the channel, as purchasers would surely insist on the faster 16 MHz version if they knew it existed. Second, it didn't want to address the issue that the original LaserJet III controller was slow. Our benchmarks found that the original LaserJet III could achieve print speeds of only about 6 ppm when printing simple text documents in native PCL mode. Most people apparently never noticed that their 8 ppm printer was actually only printing at 6 ppm. Only when making multiple copies of the same page will the original LaserJet III controller print at 8 ppm. By increasing the processor speed to 16 MHz, HP discreetly fixed the problem without announcing that it ever existed.

See the section on the HP LaserJet III controller for a discussion of HP's Resolution Enhancement Technology.

Supplies and Accessories

Model Information | Controller Notes | Ordering Information | Text Only
You can check prices or order these items from the ordering information table below.
Click category name at right to see a current list of all compatible JetDirect cards we have in stock.

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The HP IIID uses the same toner cartridges as all other SX-based printers. HP Toner available


There are many font cartidges made by HP for the HP LaserJet family. When you want to increase your printer font collection, see our catalog page on Font Cartridges from Hewlett-Packard.


The LaserJet IID printer uses the same shaped paper trays and high-capacity feeders as all other SX-based printers. All versions are physically interchangeable, but there are slight color differences. (See also Diagram 300.)

You can also buy third party high-capacity feeders for paper or envelopes, as well as an output stacker, to add productivity to SX, RX and TX printers. The sheet feeders can hold up to 1500 sheets; the envelope feeder up to 250 envelopes. The stacker extends your printer's output hopper, allowing it to stack up to 500 sheets.


The HP LaserJet IIID has two RAM expansion slots. The 1 MB and 2 MB RAM cards available from HP can be added in combinations to give you 1, 2, 3, or 4 MB of additional memory. The generic RAM cards are available unpopulated (0 MB) or filled with 1, 2, 3, or 4 MB. These cards can be used only in a single slot, you cannot combine these with a RAM card in the second expansion slot. Compatible memory boards are listed below.


The LaserJet IIID controller can be upgraded for PostScript with the HP Adobe PostScript cartridge. For the LaserJet IID and IIID, we recommend this cartridge over third-party PostScript cartridges, because to our knowledge it is the only one that supports duplex operators and automatic envelope feeding. A total of eleven extra operators extend standard PostScript to change between duplex or simplex modes and select either of two paper trays or the automatic envelope feeder.

We also recommend the HP Adobe PostScript cartridge for simple text printing because it's faster on text than the LaserJet III in native PCL mode! This unexpected result was observed by The Printer Works when clocking the various PostScript cartridges. We found that even under the optimum conditions of sending simple Courier 12 point text in PCL, the LaserJet III attained only 5.6 ppm. When the same file was printed with a PostScript driver and the HP Adobe PostScript cartridge installed, the printer printed at its maximum 8.1 ppm.

Note that this slow text speed is characteristic only of the original 10 MHz version of the LaserJet III controller. The newer 16 MHz controller prints simple text at the full rated 8.1 ppm speed of the SX engine, and it improves PostScript print times as well.

This unexpected speed increase on text with the HP Adobe PostScript cartridge was confirmed by an Adobe developer who explained that Adobe has always included some very clever coding in its PostScript interpreters that can handle simple text quickly. Evidently, these special algorithms spot pages of simple text and bundle them into a compact format that can be rasterized on the fly while the toner drum is turning and while additional data is being received.

Newer versions of the Phoenix Page PostScript interpreter (such as the version used by Xante) can print at full engine speed by using dual-page buffering to build one page while the other is being sent to the printer, but this requires additional memory.

To our knowledge, the only high-performance upgrade for RX-engines comes from Pacific Semiconductor. Its controllers offer high-speed PCL 5, as well as optional PostScript Level 1 or 2. Interface options include Ethernet for Novell, multiple parallel and serial ports, and IBM 327X Coax. Ask our sales people for the latest information about these exciting and continually evolving controllers from Pac Semi.

Ordering Information

Model Information | Controller Notes | Supplies and Accessories | Text Only
Click category name at right to see a current list of all compatible JetDirect cards we have in stock.

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HP Toner available

For price and ordering information or to place the item in your shopping cart,
select a Part Number in the table.
Part Number Description
33459A Printer, HP LaserJet IIID, 110/115 50/60Hz
33459AB-AU Printer, HP LaserJet IIID, 220/240V 50Hz
click on camera icons to see pictures & more details
33451-60001 Controller, HP LaserJet III/IIID (10 MHz)
33497-60001 Controller, HP LaserJet III/IIID (16 MHz)
33497-67901 Formatter, Incl. I/O Bracket: HP LJ III / IIID
MAINTENANCE & ROLLER KITS --->Contents of Kits
click on camera icons to see pictures & more details
ONLY NEED A FUSER ?   Check here
33449-37904  Maintenance Kit, 120V, 100K Pg. Rpl. Parts: HP LJ 2 / 2D / 3 / 3D
33474B Memory Card, 1MB for HP LaserJet IIP/III/IIID/IIIP
33475B Memory Card, 2MB for HP LaserJet IIP/III/IIID/IIIP
33474B-CLN Memory Card, 1MB, Generic for HP LJ IIP/III/IIID/IIIP
33475B-CLN Memory Card, 2MB, Generic for HP LJ IIP/III/IIID/IIIP
33477B-CLN Memory Card, 4MB, Generic for HP LJ IIP/III/IIID/IIIP
33416A AppleTalk Interface Kit (Requires 33439P-R and Memory)
33439P Adobe PostScript Emulation and Font Cartridge
92297B Paper Tray, HP III/IIID
92297C Paper Tray, HP III/IIID
92297D Paper Tray, HP III/IIID
92297E Paper Tray, HP III/IIID
92297F Envelope Cassette with Top, HP III/IIID
33458A Envelope Feeder (50 env.), HP IIID
LCS-RX-USP Feeder, Sheet, Genesis JetTray 1500 for RX and TX
LCSEF25-RX Feeder, Envelope, Genesis JetTray 250E for RX and TX
33459-90901 HP IIID, User's Manual
33459-90903 HP IIID, PCL5 Technical Reference Guide
33459-90905 HP IIID, Setup Guide
33459-90906 HP IID & HP IIID Combined, Service Manual
5021-8943 Manual, LJ Family Quick Ref. (Volume I of III)
5090-3390 Manual, LJ Family Quick Ref. (Volume II of III)
5961-0953 Manual, LJ Family Quick Ref. (Volume III of III)

ONLY NEED A FUSER ?   Check here

Regular preventive maintenance will help keep your printer in top condition! See links below for details.

SX maintenance kits contain:

Maintenance Kit for SX printers

 see photograph and details

  • 1 SX Fuser Assembly
  • 1 Transfer Corona Assembly
  • 1 Separation Pad
  • 1 Paper Pick-Up Roller Assembly
  • 1 Fuser Cleaning Wand
  • 1 Delivery Coupler Assembly
  • 1 Upper Fan Assembly



Model Information | Controller Notes | Supplies and Accessories | Text Only

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