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Control Panel Cable Assembly

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[Control Panel Cable Assembly, 975]

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Part Number Description Printer Compatibility Notes
975-1 SG4-6271-050 Panel Cable Assembly 8II, HPII
975-1 SG5-4022-000 Panel Cable Assembly 1 8IIR, 8IIT, HP IID, HP IIID
975-2 SG5-4023-000 Panel Cable Assembly 2 TX
975-2 SG5-4026-050 Panel Cable Assembly 2 IIIR, IIIT
975-2 SG5-4027-000 Panel Cable Assembly 2 TX, RX OEM Panel
975-3 SG5-4025-000 Panel Cable Assembly Mark III, HP III

Canon control panels come in two basic versions. The OEM and QMS printers use a simple status panel of LEDs. These control panels use the narrow cable assemblies shown as Item 2 in the diagram. The complex control switches in the HP and Canon brand printers use the wider cable shown as Items 1 and 3.

Both versions of cables have been revised to reduce RFI emissions by placing a heavy braided shield around them. This shield is stripped bare and grounded in the center.

The cable assembly for the SX VDO status panel is not shown. The SX VDO status panel assembly (RG1-0953-000) comes with the cable attached. The cable is not sold separately for SX VDO printers.

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