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DC Controller PCB Assemblies

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[DC Controller PCB Assemblies, 930]

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Part Number Description Printer Compatibility Notes
930-1 RG1-0709-090 DC Controller PCB Assembly (240 dpi) SX240 DPI
930-1 RG1-0710-090 DC Controller PCB Assembly (300 dpi) SX300 DPI
930-1 RG1-0711-090 DC Controller PCB Assembly (400 dpi) SX400 DPI
930-2 RG1-1250-000 DC Controller PCB Assembly (300 dpi) LWII 300 DPI
930-3 RG1-1278-130 DC Controller PCB Assembly (300 dpi) 8IIR, HP IID
930- RG1-1315-110 DC Controller PCB Assembly (300 dpi) TX, 8IIT (not shown)
930 RG1-1316-000 DC Controller PCB Assembly (400 dpi) TX400 dpi (not shown)
930 RG1-1944-040 DC Controller PCB Assembly IIIR (not shown)
930 RG1-1945-040 DC Controller PCB Assembly IIIT (not shown)
930-1 RG1-1969-000 DC Controller PCB Assembly HP III
930-4 RG1-1970-070 DC Controller PCB Assembly HP IIID
930-5 RG9-0771-000 DC Controller PCB Assembly Mark III Plus
930-5 RG1-2706-000 DC Controller PCB Assembly HP III (New Version)

The DC Controller is the Central Processing Unit for all electromechanical functions of the printer mechanism. It receives commands and video data from the Video Controller and outputs signals to the Laser Scanner, High Voltage Transformer, and paper movement electronics. Status signals are sent back to the video controller upon request. The DC controller is capable of producing a test pattern on its own, but it does not have enough memory to format pages (which is the function of the video controller). Status panels are driven by the DC Controller, but control panels with operator input functions are connected to the Video Controller.

The difference between 240-, 300- and 400-dpi printers is merely a crystal-based oscillator circuit. The HP LaserJet III has two versions: RG1-1969 and RG1-2706. RG1-1969 is similar to RG1-0710, but it has no bottom pan safety switch. RG1-2706 is the new surface-mount LSI version, which was used on the later production LaserJet IIIs. RG1-2706 requires DC power supply number RG1-1310 or higher (Diagram 910). Also, the old version PostScript cartridge, 33439P, is not compatible with the new DC controller RG1-2706.

The Apple LaserWriter II controller is basically the same as the more common HP or other SX versions. The difference is the orientation of the video interface connector. The Apple version uses a right angle connector and the standard version uses a vertical connector.

The RX and TX printers use completely different controllers from the SX printers. The following table lists controllers for most of the SX, RX and TX family.

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