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High Voltage Transformer Assembly

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[High Voltage Transformer Assembly, 915]

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Part Number Description Printer Compatibility Notes
915-1 RG1-0936-110 High Voltage Transformer Assembly ALL

The High Voltage Transformer Assembly receives power signals from the DC controller and develops the high voltage power for both the Primary Corona located inside the toner cartridge and the Transfer Corona Wire located below the paper. It also provides the OPC drum with AC and DC bias voltages to maintain the required charge on the drum's surface. The toner sensor signal is amplified by the High Voltage Transformer Transfer and sent to the DC Controller and to the High Voltage Transformer by the jagged-edged static charge eliminator. The static charge eliminator is located near the Transfer Corona Assembly, connected by the high Voltage Transformer Assembly.

All SX, RX and TX printers use the same High Voltage Transformer Assembly. It has been revised several times, but all versions are interchangeable.

Special Note

Canon no longer supplies parts for the High Voltage Transformer Assembly as it is considered dangerous for field service persons to attempt repair. Therefore, we supply the High Voltage Transformer Assembly only as a complete assembly.

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