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Fixing Delivery Assembly

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[SX Feeder Assembly, Diagram 370]

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Part Number Description Printer Compatibility Notes
370 RG1-0941-000 Fixing Delivery Assembly All
370-1 RA1-3971-000 Claw, Separation All
370-2 RA1-3972-000 Spring, Leaf All
370-3 RA1-3974-000 Cover, Separation Claw All
370-4 RA1-3976-000 Roller, Delivery All
370-5 RF1-0934-000 Arm All
370-6 RS1-0118-000 Gear, 15T All
370-7 RS1-2106-000 Spring, Tension All
370-8 FB1-0303-000 Roller, Delivery, Upper All
370-9 RS1-1021-000 Bushing All
370-10 RA1-3975-000 Holder, Separation Claw All
370-11 RA1-6128-000 Washer All
370-12 XD2-1100-322 Washer, Retaining E-Ring (V08) All
370-13 XD3-2200-082 Pin, Dowel (Y71) All

The Fixing Delivery Assembly is the same for all units. This assembly can be purchased separately, but since it is attached to the Fixing Assembly, it is usually sold with the Fixing Assembly, Diagram 810.

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