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Main Body Block Assembly

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[Main Body Block Assembly, 330]

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Part Number Description Printer Compatibility Notes
330-1 RA1-3821-000 Block, Main Body SX, 8II, HP II
330-1 RA1-4776-000 Block, Main Body Mark III, HP III
330-1 RA1-6134-000 Block, Main Body ALL RX, TX
330-2 RA1-3822-000 Plate, Grounding, A ALL
330-3 RA1-5479-000 Plate, Grounding, B ALL
330-4 RA1-3824-000 Plate, Grounding, C ALL
330-5 RA1-3825-000 Guide, Cassette, Left ALL
330-6 RA1-3826-000 Guide, Cassette, Right ALL
330-7 RA1-3827-000 Arm, Shutter ALL
330-8 RA1-3828-040 Arm, Paper Sensing ALL
330-9 RA1-3829-000 Spring, Leaf ALL
330-9 RF1-2129-020 Spring, Leaf ALL
330-10 RA1-3830-000 Shaft, Hook ALL
330-11 RA1-3831-000 Hook, Left ALL
330-12 RA1-3832-000 Hook, Right ALL
330-13 RA1-3833-000 Guide, Hook, Left ALL
330-14 RA1-3834-000 Guide, Hook, Right ALL
330-15 RA1-3835-000 Lifter, Left ALL
330-16 RA1-3836-000 Lifter, Right ALL
330-17 RA1-3837-000 Guide, Auxiliary ALL
330-18 RA1-3838-000 Plate Nut, A ALL
330-19 RA1-3839-000 Plate Nut, B ALL
330-20 RA1-3764-000 Guide, Transfer, Upper ALL
330-21 RA1-8302-000 Guide, Font Cartridge ALL
330-22 RA1-4319-000 Plate, Block ALL
330-23 RA1-4320-000 Cover, Shutter ALL
330-24 RA1-4321-000 Spring, Leaf ALL
330-25 RA1-5396-000 Washer ALL
330-26 RA1-5480-000 Plate, Grounding ALL
330-27 RA1-6084-000 Reinforcement Plate ALL
330-28 RA1-6340-000 Spring Leaf RX, TX
330-29 RS1-0105-000 Gear, 19T ALL
330-30 RS1-0106-000 Gear, 57T ALL
330-31 RS1-2095-000 Spring, Torsion ALL
330-32 RS1-2096-000 Spring, Torsion ALL
330-33 RS1-2097-000 Spring, Tension ALL
330-34 RS1-2112-000 Spring, Tension ALL
330-35 XG3-6010-303 Ball Bearing ALL
330-36 RF1-2118-000 Resistor 15MOHM 1/4W ALL
330-37 RF1-0841-000 Resistor, 1KOHM 1/4W ALL
330-38 RF1-0988-000 Shaft, Drum Drive ALL
330-39 RF1-2163-000 Capacitor RX, TX
330-40 XA9-0375-000 Screw, M3X25 S ALL
330-41 RF1-2073-000 Guide, Paper Pick-up Assembly RX, TX
330-41A RA1-6297-000 Sheet 8IIT
330-41A RA1-6302-000 Sheet RX, TX
330-42 XB4-7401-009 Screw, Binding Head, Self Tapping ALL
330-43 XA9-0397-000 Screw, TP, M3X6 RX, TX
330-44 RG0-0050-090 Laser/Scanner Assembly ALL
330-45 XB1-2300-609 Screw, Binding, M3X6 (E21) ALL
330-46 XB1-2300-809 Screw, Binding, M3X8 (E26) ALL
330-47 XB1-2500-609 Screw, Binding Head (E90) ALL
330-48 XB4-7300-609 Screw, Tap, Binding Head, M3X6(G16) ALL
330-49 XB4-7300-809 Screw, Pan Head, Self Tapping (G17) ALL
330-50 XB3-2400-809 Screw, Self-tapping (G52) ALL
330-51 XB6-7300-609 Screw, Machine M3X6 (K43) ALL
330-52 XD2-1100-372 Washer, Retaining E-Ring (V09) ALL
330-53 XD2-1100-502 Washer, Retaining E-Ring (V12) ALL

The Main Body Block Assembly exists in three versions. Part number RA1-3821-000 is used in all single-tray printers, except for the Mark III and HP III, which use part number RA1-4476-000. All dual-tray printers use part number RA1-4776-000.

Dual Tray printers have extra parts at locations 28, 39, 41, 41A and 43 on the diagram. The single tray printers do not have any parts that the dual-tray printers don't have.

The spring in location 9 has been revised several times. The new version RF1-2129-020 is the replacement for RA1-3829-000.

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