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Control Panel Assemblies

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Item 140-1, RG1-0953-000,
Control Panel for SX Engines

Item 140-2, RH6-0007-000,
Status Panel for RX Engines

Item 140-3, RH6-0008-000,
Status Panel for TX Engines

Item 140-4, RG1-0954-000,
Control Panel for Canon LBP-8II

Item 140-5, SH8-4059-000,
Control Panel for Canon LBP-8IIR

Item 140-6, SH8-4060-000,
Control Panel for Canon LBP-8IIT

Item 140-7, RG1-1762-000,
Control Panel for Canon LBP-8 MarkIII

Item 140-8, RG1-1938-000,
Control Panel for Canon LBP-8 MarkIIIR

Item 140-9, RG1-1942-000,
Control Panel for Canon LBP-8 MarkIIIT

Item 140-10, RG1-0959-000,
Control Panel for HP LaserJet II

Item 140-NS, RF1-1383-000,
Overlay for HP LaserJet II Control Panel

Item 140-11, RH6-0009-000,
Control Panel for HP LaserJetIID

Item 140-12, RG1-1974-000,
Control Panel for HP LaserJetIII

Item 140-13, RG1-1989-000,
Control Panel for HP LaserJetIIID

Item 140-14, U12450001,
Control Panel for Brother HL-8/HL8e

Item 140-15, 2905188-901,
Control Panel for QMS KISS Plus

Item 140-16, 808-SH8-4060,
Control Panel for QMS-PS 815/815MR

The above table shows images of some of the control panels used on a variety of
SX-, RX-, and TX-based laser printers.

Some printers, such as those from Apple, use only simple status LEDs. Many printers, like those from Brother, Canon and HP, have switches, LEDs, and an alphanumeric LCD panel. Most of these more complex panels are based on the same standard circuit board designed by Canon.

The printer OEM populates this basic design with varying numbers of LEDs, switches, and LED colors, depending on requirements for the particular printer model. For example, Canon's control panel for the 8II and Mark III models have beepers, while the HP panels do not. The HP versions, however, have two more switches. Electrically, the panel on the LaserJet III is the same as the one used on the LaserJet II, but the layout and physical appearance are quite different.

Simple Status Display Panels only indicate Warming-Up, Ready, Paper-Out, Paper-Jam and Toner Low, and are driven by the DC controller. The full function control panels, with switches for operator input, are connected to the video controller.

Some video controllers (including those designed by Adobe Systems) indicate a job is in progress by toggling the Paper-Out light on the status panel in single or double blinks, by momentarily enabling and disabling manual feed. This causes the DC controller to light the Paper-Out LED.

QMS uses a custom control panel for the KISS Plus, but not for the 815 / 825 series of printers. QMS KISS panels are unique and not electrically similar to any of the other control panels shown here. The 815 has the same circuit as the Canon Mark II, but with green LEDs instead of amber.

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