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Revised Ozone Filter Assembly

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[Revised Ozone Filter Assembly, 112]

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Part NumberDescriptionPrinter Compatibility Notes
112-1 RF1-2130-000 Filter, Ozone ALL (Except LWII)
112-1-8 RG1-1753-020 Ozone Filter Kit ALL (Except LWII)
112-2 RF1-2133-020 Case, Filter ALL (Except LWII)
112-3 RA1-7361-000 Duct ALL (Except LWII)
112-4 RA1-7362-000 Hood ALL (Except LWII)
112-5 RA1-5424-000 Clip, Hood ALL (Except LWII)
112-6 XB1-2300-609 Screw, Binding, M3X6 (E21) ALL (Except LWII)
112-7 XB4-7300-809 Screw, Pan Head, Self Tapping (G17) ALL (Except LWII)
112-8 RS1-8714-000 Label, Ozone Filter Door ALL (Except LWII)

The Ozone Filter Assembly shown here is the revised, improved version. The major difference is a door on the side for easy replacement of the ozone filter (no screwdriver required).

The entire assembly is available as a kit (Item 112-1-8, RG1-1753-020) to update printers that have the original version, which has no door (Assembly Diagram 111). The kit includes one ozone filter (RF1-2130-000), the only item that needs to be changed on new version printers or previously updated printers. The new ozone filter is thicker. It lasts longer and works better by providing more reactive surface area.

Service Note: Replace ozone filters frequently. Ozone is harmful to breathe and it attacks the rubber rollers inside the printer, which will eventually cause poor paper feeding and frequent paper jams.

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