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Bottom Case (SX)

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Part Number Description Printer Compatibility Notes
104-1 RA1-4114-000 Plate, DC Controller Mounting All Single Tray
104-2 RA1-4115-050 FG Terminal (1) All Single Tray
104-3 RA1-4117-000 Plate, Blanking SX, 8II
104-3 RA1-4282-000 Plate, Blanking HPII
104-3 RA1-6047-000 Plate, Blanking HPIII
104-3 RA1-8000-000 Plate, Blanking Mark III
104-4 RA1-4121-000 Knob, Printer Lift SX, 8II
104-4 RA1-4283-000 Knob, Printer Lift HPII
104-4 RA1-8001-000 Knob, Printer Lift Mark III
104-5 RA1-4133-000 Guide, Rear, D-RAM PCB 8II, HPII, SX PCB
104-5A RA1-7997-000 Guide, Center, D-RAM PCB Mark III
104-5A RA1-8292-000 Guide, D-RAM Rear HPIII
104-6 RA1-4132-000 Guide, Front, D-RAM PCB 8II, HPII, SX PCB
104-6 RA1-7996-000 Guide, Front, D-RAM PCB Mark III
104-6 RA1-8289-000 Guide, Front, D-RAM PCB HP III
104-7 RA1-4134-020 Guide, Right, Expansion PCB 8II, HPII, HP III
104-7A RA1-7998-000 Guide, Right, Expansion PCB Mark III
104-8 RA1-4135-000 Guide, Left, Expansion PCB 8II, Mark III, HP II, HP III
104-9 RH2-5053-000 Optical Fiber SX, 8II, HPII, LWII
104-9 RH2-5108-000 Optical Fiber/UL Approved MarkIII, HPIII
104-10 RF1-0942-000 Cover, Bottom 8II, SX PCB FC
104-10 RF1-0975-000 Cover, Bottom HPII
104-10A RA1-4118-000 Cover, Bottom SX VDO
104-10B RA1-4131-000 Cover, Lower, w/o FC Opening SX PCB
104-10C RF1-2138-000 Cover, Bottom MarkIII
104-10D RF1-2577-000 Cover, Bottom HPIII
104-11 RA1-4113-000 Foot ALL Single Tray
104-12 RA1-4146-050 Plate, Terminal ALL Single Tray
104-13 RA9-0621-000 Screw, Stepped, M3X6 ALL
104-13 XA9-0342-000 Screw, Stepped, M3 Also Used
104-14 RA1-4161-000 Mount, Paper Sensing ALL Single Tray
104-15 RA1-4162-000 Lever, Paper Sensing ALL Single Tray
104-16 RA1-4637-020 Shaft, Arm ALL
104-17 XB4-7300-809 Screw, Pan Head, Self Tapping (G17) SX PCB FC, 8II, HPII
104-18 XA9-0258-000 Binding Head Machine Screw M3X Mark III
104-19 XB1-2300-606 Screw, Binding, M3X6 (E19) ALL Single Tray
104-20 XB1-2300-607 Screw, Binding, BH3X6 (E20) Mark III
104-21 XB1-2300-609 Screw, Binding, M3X6 (E21) ALL Single Tray
104-22 RA1-4167-020 Plate, Pin, Left, Fix.Ass'y 100/115 ALL
104-23 RA1-4168-020 Plate, Pin, Right, Fixing Ass'y ALL
104-24 RA1-4170-020 Plate, Support, Front ALL Single Tray Except LWII
104-25 RA1-4638-020 Cover, Lever ALL
104-26 RA1-6131-020 Support-4, PCB MarkIII
104-26A RA1-4119-000 Support, PCB SX VDO
104-27 FA9-1449-000 Screw, Truss Head, w/Washer, M3X6 ALL
104-28 RA1-4317-000 Spring, Leaf ALL
104-29 RA1-5423-000 Sheet, Insulation ALL
104-30 RA1-5489-000 Stand ALL Single Tray
104-31 RA1-5490-000 Stand, Fan Bracket ALL
104-32 RH2-5051-000 Connector ALL
104-33 RA1-5403-030 Mount, Test Switch Lever ALL Single Tray
104-34 RA1-5404-000 Plate, Lever ALL
104-35 XA9-0389-000 Screw, Truss Head, w/Washer S Mark III
104-36 RA1-4147-000 Plate, Shield 8II, Mark III, HP II, HP III
104-37 RA1-7991-000 Guide, Upper, Font Cartridge Mark III, IIIR, IIIT
104-38 RA1-7995-000 Plate, D-RAM Cover Mark III
104-39 VS9-0013-025 Cap, Serial I/O Dust ALL Except VDO SX, TX
104-40 WS9-0104-000 Dust Cap, Centronics-36 ALL Except VDO SX, TX
104-41 RA1-7993-000 Plate, Shield Mark III, IIIR, IIIT
104-42 RA1-7994-000 Support, Panel Mark III, IIIR, IIIT
104-43 XB6-7300-609 Screw, Machine M3X6 (K43) ALL
104-44 RA1-7992-000 Panel, Cartridge Slot Mark III, IIIR, IIIT
104-45 RA1-4143-000 Plate, D-RAM 8II
104-45 RA1-4296-000 Plate, D-RAM HP II
104-45A RA1-8299-000 Plate, D-RAM HP III
104-46 RH7-1056-000 Fan, DC24V, Lower Cooling ALL Except SX VDO
104-47 SA4-6202-000 Plate, Opt I/O Dust 8II, 8IIR, 8IIT, HP II, HP III, HP IID, HP IIID
104-48 RA1-4136-000 Panel, Font Cartridge Slots SX and TX PCB FC, 8II, 8IIR, 8IIT
104-48 RA1-4285-000 Panel, Font Cartridge Slots HPII, HPIID
104-49 RA1-4138-000 Guide, Upper, Cartridge Slots SX PCB FC, 8II, HP II
104-50 RA1-4139-000 Guide, Upper, Cartridge Slots SX PCB FC, 8II, HP II
104-50A RA1-8302-000 Guide, Font Cartridge Slots HP III, SX PCB FC
104-51 RA1-4148-000 Plate, Shield SX, TX PCB FC, 8II, 8IIR, 8IIT, HP II, HP IID
104-51A RA1-8295-000 Plate, Shield HP III
104-52 RA1-4149-030 Support, Panel, A ALL PCB FC, 8II, 8IIR, 8IIT, HP II, HP IID
104-53 RA1-4150-000 Support, Panel, B ALL PCB FC, 8II, 8IIR, 8IIT, HPII, HPIID
104-54 RG1-0905-000 Cable, Power Supply A ALL
104-55 RG1-0906-000 Cable, High-Voltage Control ALL
104-56 RG1-0907-050 Cable, Fixing PCB ALL
104-57 RG1-0912-000 Cable, Power Supply B ALL
104-58 XB1-2300-509 Screw, Binding, M3X5 (E15) ALL Single Tray
104-59 WT2-0317-000 Clip, Locking Support ALL
104-60 XD1-4200-302 Washer, Outertooth (V91) ALL
104-61 XB1-2302-009 Screw, (E41) ALL
104-62 XB1-2300-607 Screw, Binding, M3X6 8II, 8IIR, 8IIT, HP II
104-63 XB6-7400-609 Screw, Washer Head (K63) Mark III, IIIR, IIIT
104-64 RA1-8273-000 Panel, Bottom Cover HP III
104-64 RF1-2608-000 Panel, Bottom Cover (Plastic) HP IIID
104-65 RA1-8284-000 Panel, Memory Cover HP III
104-66 RA1-8293-000 Guide, I/O Connector HP III
104-67 RA1-6046-000 Panel, Test Cover LWII
104-67 RA1-8285-000 Panel, Test Cover HP III
104-68 RA1-8290-000 Guide, Font Cartridge HP III
104-69 XD2-1100-242 Washer, Retaining E-Ring (V06) ALL
104-70 RA1-4122-020 Support-1, PCB Mount Brkt SX PCB
104-71 RA1-4123-020 Support-2, PCB Mount Brkt SX PCB
104-72 RA1-4124-000 Support-3, PCB Mount Brkt SX PCB (not shown)
104-73 RA1-4126-000 Plate, FC Opening Cover Turns PCB FC into PCB

Bottom Cover Types

The bottom cover for the SX printers comes in five basic types:

VDO (External Video)
PCB (Internal Video PCB without font cartridge slots)
PCB FC (Internal Video Controller with font cartridge slots)
PCB IC (PCB with IC slots, like Mark III)
The HP III version. All five types are shown in the diagrams here

The VDO version has a small slot for an external video controller.

The PCB version has a large slot for various host connections.

The PCB FC version has a large rear slot for various host connections, plus two small slots on the front for font cartridges.

Dual-tray bottom cases (for RX and TX) are shown in Diagram 108.

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