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Upper Main Body

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[SX Upper Main Body, 102]

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Part NumberDescriptionPrinter Compatibility Notes
102-1 RA1-4019-000 Holder, Magnet ALL SX, TX
102-1 RG9-0212-000 Mag. Holder Unit (Items 1,31,32,33) NOT used on RX, HP IID, HP IIID
102-1A RA1-6317-000 Cover 8IIR
102-1A RA1-7131-000 Cover HP IID
102-1A RA1-8127-000 Cover IIIR
102-2 RA1-4021-000 Deflector ALL SX, TX
102-2 RA1-6143-000 Deflector ALL RX
102-3 RA1-4022-000 Tray, Upper Rear Output SX, TX, 8II, 8IIT
102-3 RA1-4290-000 Tray, Upper Rear Output HP II, HP III
102-3 RA1-8006-000 Tray, Upper Rear Output Mark III, IIIT
102-3A RA1-6142-030 Panel, Delivery 8IIR
102-3A RA1-7115-000 Panel, Delivery HP IID
102-3A RF1-2551-000 Panel, Delivery IIIR
102-3A RF1-2609-000 Panel, Delivery HP IIID
102-4 RA1-4024-060 Cover, Rear Delivery SX, TX, 8II, 8IIT
102-4 RA1-4292-000 Cover, Rear Delivery HP II
102-4 RA1-8003-000 Cover, Rear Delivery Mark III, IIIT
102-4 RA1-8275-000 Cover, Rear Delivery HP III
102-4A RA1-6145-020 Cushion, Rubber 8IIR, IIIR, HP IID, HP IIID
102-4B RA1-6147-000 Cushion, Rubber 8IIR, IIIR, H IID, HP IIID
102-4C RA1-6146-000 Spring, Torsion 8IIR, IIIR, HP IID, HP IIID
102-5 RA1-4025-000 Spring, Leaf ALL
102-6 RA1-4034-000 Spring A, Grounding ALL
102-7 RA1-4035-000 Spring B, Grounding ALL
102-8 RA1-4036-000 Arm ALL
102-9 RF1-0947-000 Guide, Cartridge ALL
102-10 RA1-4040-000 Sheet, Mylar ALL
102-11 RA1-4041-000 Plate, Shield ALL
102-12 RA1-4038-020 Cover, Heater ALL
102-13 RA1-4042-000 Shaft, Lock ALL
102-14 RA1-4030-060 Bar, B ALL
102-15 RA1-4033-060 Bar, A ALL
102-16 RA1-4045-020 Spring, Leaf ALL
102-17 RA1-4046-020 Lever, Switch ALL
102-18 RA1-4047-020 Eliminator, Static Charge ALL
102-19 RA1-4048-000 Cover, Grounding ALL
102-20 RS1-2101-020 Spring, Torsion ALL SX, TX (NOT RX)
102-21 RF1-0926-000 Spring, Right, Mirror ALL
102-22 RA1-5294-000 Panel, Upper LWII
102-22 RF1-0928-060 Panel, Upper SX, 8II
102-22 RF1-0977-000 Panel, Upper HPII, HIID
102-22 RF1-2579-000 Panel, Upper HP LJ 3 / 3D
102-22 RF1-2139-000 Panel, Upper Mark III, IIIR, IIIT
102-22 RF9-0634-000 Panel, Upper TX, 8IIR, 8IIT
102-23 RF1-0929-000 Spring, Left, Mirror ALL
102-24 RF1-0940-000 Tray, Rear Output SX, TX, 8II, 8IIT
102-24 RF1-0985-000 Tray, Rear Output HP LJ 2
102-24 RF1-2580-000 Tray, Rear Output HP LJ 3
102-24 RF1-2140-000 Tray, Rear Output MarkIII, IIIT
102-25 RA1-4018-000 Plate, Magnet SX (included in #24)
102-26 RA1-4037-020 Cover, Lower, Delivery SX, 8II, 8IIR, 8IIT, LWII
102-26 RA1-4294-000 Cover, Lower, Delivery HPII, HPIID
102-26 RA1-8004-000 Cover, Lower, Delivery Mark III, IIIR, IIIT
102-26 RA1-8287-000 Cover, Lower, Delivery HPIII, HPIIID
102-26 RA9-0618-000 Cover, Lower, Delivery TX
102-27 RA1-4079-000 Cover ALL
102-28 RG0-0052-000 Mirror Assembly ALL
102-29 RS1-2152-000 Spring, Tension ALL
102-30 RA1-5258-000 Shaft, Spring ALL
102-31 RA1-5361-000 Latch SX, TX (NOT RX, HP IID, HP IIID)
102-32 RA1-5362-000 Spring, Leaf ALL SX, TX (NOT RX)
102-33 RA1-5363-000 Shaft, Latch ALL SX, TX (NOT RX)
102-34 RA1-5256-020 Plate, Lock, Left ALL
102-35 RA1-5257-020 Plate, Lock, Right TX, ALL SX
102-35 RA1-7151-000 Plate, Spring Stop 8IIR, 8IIT, IIIR, IIIT, HP IIID
102-36 XA9-0342-000 Screw, Stepped, M3 ALL
102-37 XB1-2300-506 Screw, Binding, M3X5 (E14) ALL
102-38 XB1-2300-609 Screw, Binding, M3X6 (E21) ALL
102-39 XB1-2300-809 Screw, Binding, M3X8 (E26) ALL
102-40 XB1-2400-606 Screw, Machine, M4X6 (E56) ALL SX, TX
102-40A XB1-2300-509 Screw, Binding, M3X5 (E15) ALL RX
102-41 XB4-7300-609 Screw, Pan M3X6 (G16 or K43) ALL
102-42 XB4-7300-809 Screw, Pan Head, Self Tapping (G17) ALL
102-43 XB4-7400-809 Screw, Pan M4X8 (G25) ALL
102-44 XB6-7300-609 Screw, Pan M4X8 (K43) ALL
102-45 XD2-1100-242 Washer, Retaining E-Ring (V06) ALL
102-46 XD2-1100-322 Washer, Retaining E-Ring (V08) ALL

There are two basic types of Upper Main Body assemblies: those for duplexing printers and those for non-duplexing printers. The difference is in the rear panel area that accomodates the duplexing module. This diagram shows all the parts for both versions.

The HP III and Apple LaserWriter II covers are a different shape, but have essentially the same form and function as those shown in this diagram.

Some Specifics

Items 102-3A through -4C are for reversing printers only.

Items 102-1, -3, 04, -20, -24, -25, -31, -32 and -33 are for non-duplexing printers only.

Item 102-2, the deflector, differs between duplexing and non-duplexing printers.

The upper panel is a different color for the various versions.

The magnet holder unit is shown as separate parts, but is avaliable as a unit
(Item 102-1, Part No. RA1-0212-000).

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