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External Covers, Panels
(RX & TX)

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[SX External Covers, Panels, 101]

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Part NumberDescriptionPrinter Compatibility Notes
101-1 RA1-6153-000 Panel, Front, Lower RX, TX, 8IIR, 8IIT
101-1 RA1-7116-000 Panel, Front, Lower HPIID
101-1 RA1-8034-000 Panel, Front, Lower IIIR, IIIT
101-1 RA1-8394-000 Panel, Front, Lower HPIIID
101-2 RA1-6154-000 Panel, Rear 8IIR
101-2 RA1-8038-000 Panel, Rear IIIR
101-2 RA1-8390-000 Panel, Rear HPIIID
101-2A RA1-6351-000 Panel, Rear TX, 8IIT
101-2A RA1-8139-000 Panel, Front, Lower HP II
101-2B RA1-8396-000 Cover, Switchback, Lower, Assembly HP IIID
101-3 RA1-6155-000 Panel, Right, Lower TX, 8IIR, 8IIT
101-3 RA1-7121-020 Panel, Right, Lower HPIID
101-3 RA1-8035-000 Panel, Right, Lower IIIR, IIIT
101-3 RA1-8389-000 Panel, Right, Lower HP IIID
101-4 RA1-6299-000 Cover, Right 8IIR
101-4 RA1-7128-000 Cover, Right HP III
101-4 RA1-8128-000 Cover, Right IIIR
101-4 RF1-2611-000 Cover, Right, SW/BK Assembly HP IIID
101-5 RA1-6300-000 Cover, Left 8IIR
101-5 RA1-7129-000 Cover, Left HPIID
101-5 RA1-8129-000 Cover, Left IIIR
101-5 RF1-2610-000 Cover, Left, SW/BK Assembly HP IIID
101-6 RA1-6301-000 Knob 8IIR
101-6 RA1-7130-000 Knob HP IID
101-6 RA1-8130-000 Knob IIIR
101-6 RA1-8402-000 Knob HPIIID
101-7 RA1-6149-000 Panel, Front, Lower 8IIR
101-7 RA1-6278-000 Panel, Front, Lower 8IIT
101-7 RA1-6294-000 Plate, Front, Lower TX
101-7 RA1-8031-000 Panel, Front, Lower IIIR
101-7 RA1-8137-000 Panel, Front, Lower IIIT
101-7A RF1-2606-000 Panel, Front, Lower HP IIID
101-7 RG9-0619-000 Panel, Front, Lower HP IID
101-8 RA1-8400-000 Panel, Blanking, Env. Feeder Connector HPIIID
100-8 RF1-2613-000 Panel, Top HPIIID
101-8 RG9-0615-030 Panel, Top TX, 8IIR, 8IIT
101-8 RG9-0663-000 Panel, Top IIIR, IIIT
101-8A RA1-4235-000 Release, Button HPIID
101-8A RA1-4243-000 Release, Button TX, 8IIR, 8IIT
101-8A RA1-8010-000 Release, Button IIIR, IIIT
101-8A RA1-8278-030 Release, Button HP IIID
101-8B RS1-2149-000 Spring, Tension TX, 8IIR, 8IIT, HP IID, IIIR, IIIT
101-8B RS1-2205-000 Spring, Tension HPIIID
101-8C XA9-0135-000 Nut, Push TX, 8IIR, 8IIT, HPIID, IIIR, IIIT
101-8D RA1-6333-000 Plate, Blanking X, 8IIR, 8IIT, HPIID
101-9 RF1-2141-000 Panel, Right IIIR, IIIT
101-9 RF1-2310-050 Panel, Right TX, 8IIR, 8IIT
101-9 RF1-2369-000 Panel, Right HPIID
101-9 RF1-2575-000 Panel, Right HP IIID
101-10 RA1-4234-000 Panel, Left HP IID
101-10 RF1-2576-000 Panel, Left HP IIID
101-10 RF9-0606-000 Panel, Left TX
101-10 RF9-0669-000 Panel, Left IIIR, IIIT
101-10 RF9-0670-000 Panel, Left 8IIR, 8IIT
101-10A RA1-4245-000 Plate, Left, Rear TX, 8IIR, 8IIT, IIIR, IIIT
101-14 RG1-1938-000 Panel, Display IIIR
101-14 RG1-1942-000 Panel, Display IIIT
101-14 RG1-1989-000 Panel, Display HP IIID
101-14 RH6-0008-000 Panel, Display TX
101-14 RH6-0009-000 Panel, Display HPIID
101-14 SH8-4059-000 Panel, Display 8IIR
101-14 SH8-4060-000 Panel, Display 8IIT
101-15 RA1-6151-000 Panel, Left, Lower 8IIR
101-15 RA1-7117-000 Panel, Left, Lower HP IID
101-15 RA1-8036-000 Panel, Left, Lower IIIR
101-15 RF1-2612-000 Panel, Left, Lower HP IIID
101-15A RA1-6350-000 Panel, Left, Lower TX, 8IIT
101-15A RA1-8138-000 Panel, Left, Lower IIIT
101-16 RA1-6152-000 Door, Left 8IIR
101-16 RA1-7118-000 Door, Left HP IID
101-16 RA1-8037-000 Door, Left IIIR
101-16 RA1-8412-000 Door, Left HP IIID
101-17 RS1-2205-000 Spring, Tension 8IIR, HP IID, HP IIID, IIIR
101-18 XB4-7300-809 Screw, Pan Head, Self Tapping (G17) TX, 8IIR, 8IIT, IIIR, IIIT
101-19 XB4-7400-807 Screw, Binding Head, Self Tapping (G31) ALL RX, TX

This diagram applies to the dual-tray RX and TX printers.

Items 101-2A and 101-15A are found only in the TX printers (i.e., RX OEM, Canon Mark IIT and Canon Mark IIIT).

The covers of the Canon LBP-8IIR and LBP-8IIT are almost the same as the HP LaserJet IID, but the HP versions are a lighter color. The Canon Mark III is gray and the front panel is a different shape.

While the HP IIID differs both in color and shape, all of the items shown correspond piece by piece, except: the HP IIID has a different envelope attachment; Item 101-8D does not exist on the IIID; and the IIID has a removable panel on Item 101-7 (Part No. RA1-8400-000).

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