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External Covers, Panels (SX)

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[SX External Covers, Panels, 100]

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Part NumberDescriptionPrinter Compatibility Notes
100-1 RA1-4231-000 Panel, Front, Lower HP II
100-1 RA1-4239-020 Panel, Front, Lower 8II
100-1 RA1-4249-020 Panel, Front, Lower SX Revised Version
100-1 RA1-5291-000 Panel, Right, Lower LWII
100-1 RA1-8017-000 Panel, Front, Lower Mark III
100-1 RF1-2572-000 Panel, Front, Lower HP III
100-2 RA1-4232-000 Panel, Front, Upper HP II
100-2 RA1-4240-040 Panel, Front, Upper SX, 8II
100-2 RA1-5290-000 Panel, Front, Upper LWII
100-2 RF1-2522-000 Panel, Front, Upper Mark III
100-2 RF1-2574-000 Panel, Front, Upper HP III
100-3 RA1-4233-020 Panel, Right, Changed to
RF1-2037-000, Below
100-3 RF1-2037-000 Panel, Right HP II
100-3 RA1-4241-000 Panel, Right SX Original Version
100-3 RA1-5292-000 Panel, Right LWII
100-3 RF1-2036-050 Panel, Right 8II, SX Revised Version
100-3 RF1-2141-000 Panel, Right Mark III
100-3 RF1-2575-000 Panel, Right HP III
100-4 RA1-4234-000 Panel, Left HPII
100-4 RA1-4242-050 Panel, Left SX, 8II
100-4 RA1-5289-000 Panel, Left LWII
100-4 RF1-2576-000 Panel, Left HP III
100-4 RF9-0669-000 Panel, Left Mark III
100-5 RA1-4235-000 Release, Button HP II
100-5 RA1-4243-000 Release, Button SX, 8II
100-5 RA1-5293-000 Release, Button LWII
100-5 RA1-8010-000 Release, Button Mark III
100-5 RA1-8278-030 Release, Button HP III
100-6 RA1-4245-000 Plate, Left, Rear SX, 8II, HP II, Mark III
100-7 RS1-2149-000 Spring, Tension SX, 8II, HPII, Mark III, LWII
100-7 RS1-2205-000 Spring, Tension HP III
100-8 XA9-0135-000 Nut, Push SX, 8II, HP II, HP III, Mark III, LWII
100-9 XB4-7300-809 Screw, Pan Head SX, 8II, HP II, Mark III

Cover Shapes and Colors

Most SX-based printers look similar, with external panels and covers the same shape as those first introduced with the Canon LBP-8II and the HP LaserJet series II. Although original equipment manufacturers used this shape in their SX-based models, the covers are not always interchangeable. The shades and combinations of gray and white often differ. The parts table above indicates which cover is for which model.

A few SX printer covers differ completely in both shape and color. The Apple LaserWriter II covers are gray, designed by Apple Computer to have the same look as the Macintosh II CPU and monitor.

The Canon Mark III printers are also molded in gray, but have a front panel shaped like a hammer-head shark.

Starting with the LaserJet IIP (an LX-based printer), HP designed a cover style that has been used for the LaserJet III, IIID and IIIsi. This shape gives HP printers a uniform and distinctive look. The color of the LaserJet III is very close to that of the earlier Series II.

The straw yellow Data General covers are not listed in this parts table.

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