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Roller Kit, all HP OEM parts—
for HP LaserJet IIP & IIIP,
and other LX printers

This Printer Works Roller Kit contains original HP Parts.

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Preventive Maintenance Roller Kit
for HP LaserJet IIP and LaserJet IIIP, and other LX printers

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When your fuser is still good, Roller Kits provide a cost effective alternative to a full maintenance kit. Rollers tend to wear out at the same rate, often before the fuser needs replacing.

We assemble all the necessary replacement rollers into one convenient package, provide step-by-step installation instructions for free, and price the whole kit at merely the sum of our competitive prices on the individual piece parts, with no additional mark-up.

Our kit includes all the rollers found in the full maintenance kit. Plus, we examine each printer model to see if it would benefit from replacement of more rollers than the ones in the maintenance kit. If so, we add those too! See kit contents.

Install a Roller Kit midway between regular maintenance kits to help keep your printer running like new. Our Roller Kits contain everything needed to correct and prevent many common problems associated with worn, dirty, oily, or hardened rubber parts in the printer paper path. For example:

  • Pick-up rollers wear out,
    giving repeated paper jams

  • Worn separation rollers cause more than one sheet to feed at once

  • Tranfer rollers wear, resulting in inconsistent print quality

Note: A roller kit cannot solve every paper feed problem. Other parts and assemblies may sometimes be required to correct less-common faults.

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 See standard LX Maintenance Kit

Roller Kit Contents. As an HP specialist, we normally use only genuine HP parts in our kits. Because original parts for these models are no longer made, we continue to support them by assembling roller kits from best quality compatible third party generic parts:

TPW Roller Kit for HP LaserJet IIP & IIIP, and other LX printers,
p/n LX-RK (click to check price or order Roller Kit)

  • 1 Transfer Roller

  • 2 Pickup Rollers

  • 1 Separation Pad

  • 1 Face-Down Delivery Roller

  • Gloves

  • Free Installation Instructions, written by The Printer Works    Our step-by-step instructions are very detailed and contain many photographs. No need to buy an expensive service manual to learn how to install our roller kit!

These parts are all factory fresh recent production and are sealed in their original individual packages.

Only want a specific part and already know how to install it? We offer all our Roller Kit contents separately at competitive prices. Find individual parts by doing a top-down search (by printer model), or by browsing our catalogs.

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