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External Cover Assembly
HP LaserJet 4P / 4MP

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External Cover Assembly, HP LaserJet 4P / 4MP

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Part NumberDescriptionPrinter Compatibility Notes
100B-0 RG5-0810-000 Cover Assembly, 4P/4MP 4P/4MP
100B-1 RB1-3352-000 Cover, Font, 4P/4MP 4P/4MP
100B-1A C2040-40002 Font Door Plug, 4MP Only 4MP
100B-2 RB1-3353-000 Hinge, Font Cover, 4P/4MP 4P/4MP
100B-3 RB1-3131-000 Shaft, Hinge 4P/4MP
100B-4 RB1-3356-000 Button, Lock, 4P/4MP 4P/4MP
100B-5 RB1-3357-000 Guide, Lock Button, 4P/4MP 4P/4MP
100B-6 RB1-3798-000 Spring, Left Torsion, 4P/4MP 4P/4MP
100B-7 RB1-3799-000 Spring, Right Torsion, 4P/4MP 4P/4MP
100B-8 RF5-0681-000 Cover, Main, 4P/4MP 4P/4MP
100B-9 RB1-3130-000 CRG Pressure Piece, 4L/4ML 4P/4MP
100B-10 RG5-0691-000 Door, Back Assembly, 4L/4ML/4P/4MP 4P/4MP
100B-10B RB1-3138-000 Spring, Torsion 4P/4MP
100B-11 RS5-2228-000 Spring, Compression 4P/4MP
100B-12 RB1-3417-000 Plate, Grounding, 4P/4MP 4P/4MP
100B-13 RS5-2227-000 Spring, Top Door Compression 4P/4MP
100B-14 XA9-0634-000 Screw, Top Door, 4L/4ML 4P/4MP
100B-15 RB1-3332-000 Door, Top, 4P/4MP 4P/4MP
100B-16 RG5-0812-000 Control Panel Assembly, 4P/4MP 4P/4MP
100B-16A RB1-3416-000 RFI Shield, Control Panel PCA, 4P/4MP 4P/4MP
100B-16B RF5-0682-000 Bezel Assembly, 4P/4MP 4P/4MP
100B-16C RG5-0816-000 Control Panel PCA, 4P/4MP 4P/4MP
100B-16D C2005-00001 Nameplate, LJ4P 4P
100B-16D C2040-00001 Nameplate, 4MP 4MP
100B-17 RS5-2255-000 Spring, Font Door Torsion, 4P/4MP 4P/4MP
100B-18 RB1-3354-020 SIMM Cover Assembly, 4P/4MP 4P/4MP
100B-19 RG5-0815-000 Display Cable, 4P/4MP 4P/4MP
100B-20 C2005-40001 I/O Cover Plate, LJ4P 4P
100B-20 C2040-40001 I/O Cover Plate, 4MP 4MP
100B-21 XD2-1100-242 Ring, E, 4L/4ML 4P/4MP
100B-22 XB4-7300-809 Screw, Self Tapping, M3X8 4P/4MP
100B-23 XB1-2300-607 Screw, Mach., Truss Head, M3x6 4P/4MP
100B-501 XB4-7401-007 Screw, Self Tapping, M4X10 4P/4MP

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