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Machine Bottom Plate /
Formatter Bay (NX)

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[Machine Bottom Plate / Formatter Bay (NX)]
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Part NumberDescriptionPrinter Compatibility Notes
105-2RG5-0273-000Fan Connect Cable 2NX
105-3RH7-1131-000Fan, DC24VNX
105-5RS5-9054-000Screw, M4X8NX
105-6WT2-5056-000Clamp, CableNX
105-7XA9-0267-000Screw, TP, M3X6NX
105-8WT2-5031-000Clip, CordNX
105-10RB1-1973-000Support, LeftNX
105-11RB1-1974-000Support, Right 1NX
105-12RB1-1680-000Cover, LowerNX
105-13RB1-1992-000Plate, Shield, FrontNX
105-14RB1-1993-000Plate, Shield, RearNX
105-15RB1-1994-020Guard, Fan, LeftNX
105-16RB1-1995-020Guard, Fan, RightNX
105-17RB1-1996-000Guide, CableNX
105-18XA9-0267-000Screw, TP, M3X6NX
105-19RG5-0346-000Bottom Cover AssemblyNX
105-19ARF5-0264-000Plate, FrontNX
105-19BRB1-1684-000Crossmember, LeftNX
105-19CRB1-1695-000Crossmember, RightNX
105-19DRB1-1711-000Cover, FrontNX
105-19ERB1-1940-000Cover, FDDNX
105-19FRB1-1989-000Shield, Font, CartridgeNX
105-19GRB1-1990-000Shield, Cover, FDDNX
105-19JRB1-1941-000Cover, FontNX
105-20RG5-0360-000PCB Tray AssemblyNX
105-20ARB1-1682-050Tray, PCBNX
105-20BRB1-1716-000Rail, TrayNX
105-20CXA9-0397-000Screw, M3X6NX
105-22RG5-0383-000Plate, Right Shield, AssemblyNX
105-22ARB1-1689-000Plate, Shield, RightNX
105-22BRB1-1948-000Spring, LeafNX
105-22CRS5-8146-000Label, ControllerNX
105-24RG5-0369-000Back Panel AssemblyNX
105-24ARB1-1983-000Back Panel 1NX
105-24BRB1-1984-000Back Panel 2NX
105-25RB1-1986-000Spring, Leaf, Left, RearNX
105-26RB1-1987-000Spring, Leaf, Right, RearNX
105-27RG9-0817-000Guide, Font CardNX
105-28XB1-2300-607Screw, Binding Head Mach (E20)NX
105-29XB4-7400-809Screw, Self-tapping (G25)NX

The Canon version engine has the formatter bay located under the rest of the printer mechanism in a pull-out drawer assembly. This system could have been nicer if the power and DC Controller connections were made automatically when the drawer slides in. For cost reasons it was decided that cable assemblies routed up to the side of the printer to DC controller and DC power supply would be used. This means that the right side of the printer must be temporarily removed to service the formatter.

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