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Internal Components 3
(All NX except HP)

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[Internal Components 3 (NX)]

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Part NumberDescriptionPrinter Compatibility Notes
104-1RG5-0357-020Rear Plate AssemblyAll
104-1ARB1-0401-000Plate, RearAll
104-1BRB1-1669-020Plate, BlankingAll
104-1CXA9-0267-000Screw, TP, M3X6All
104-2RB1-1688-000Plate, LeftAll
104-4RB1-1673-000Frame, Right, FrontNX
104-5RB1-1676-020Frame, Right, UpperNX
104-6RB1-0847-000Sheet, InsulatingAll
104-7RB1-0848-000Sheet, InsulatingAll
104-8RG5-0276-030DC Power Supply Assembly 100/115VNX
104-8RG5-0277-030DC Power Supply Assembly 220/240VNX
104-8AVD5-0068-001Fuse 100/115VAll
104-8AVD5-0104-001Fuse 220/240VAll
104-8BRH7-1132-000Fan, DC24VNX
104-9RG5-0092-000Power Inlet Assembly 100/115V 300 dpiNX, IIISi
104-9RG5-0093-000Power Inlet Assembly 220/240V 300 dpiNX, IIISi
104-9RG5-0164-000Power Inlet Assembly 100/115V 600 dpiAll
104-9RG5-0165-000Power Inlet Assembly 220/240V 600 dpiAll
104-9BWT2-5025-000Support, PCBAll
104-9CFA9-0031-000Label 220/240VAll
104-9CFA9-0032-000Label 100/115VAll
104-10RB1-1718-000Button, Test SwitchNX
104-11RG5-0343-000Right Rear Frame AssemblyNX
104-11ARB1-1675-030Plate, Right, LowerNX
104-11BWT2-0317-000Clip, CableNX
104-11DXA9-0266-000Screw, with Toothed WasherNX
104-11ERB1-0789-000Crip, CordNX
104-11FXA9-0543-000Screw, Stepped, M3NX
104-13RG5-0091-000DC Power Supply CableAll
104-14RG5-0106-000DC Driver PCB CableAll
104-15RG5-0270-000I/F CableNX
104-16RG5-0108-000Paper Pick-up CableAll
104-19WT2-5025-000Support, PCBAll
104-20XA9-0267-000Screw, TP, M3X6NX
104-21FA9-1449-000Screw, Truss Head, with WasherNX
104-22WT2-0204-000Clip, CordAll
104-23WT2-5031-000Clip, CordAll
104-24RB1-0793-000Plate, DC ControllerNX
104-25RG5-0345-000Front Switch AssemblyNX
104-27RB1-1678-000Mount, Front SwitchNX
104-28RG5-0272-000Sub Switch LED PCB AssemblyNX
104-28AWG1-0400-000LED, GL3EG43NX
104-28BWT2-5106-000Spacer, LEDNX
104-29RG5-0267-000Sub Switch AssemblyNX
104-30XB1-2303-009Screw, Binding Head Mach (E46)NX


There are three versions of this illustration. Diagram 104 shown here shows the Canon OEM version as used in the StepWriter-NX and the QMS-PS 1700/1725. Subsequent diagrams 104A and 104B illustrate the HP IIISi and 4Si, respectively.

Item 9 was revised and slightly improved with some additional high-voltage capacitance in the AC line filtering circuit. All newer NX printers came with the newer part (higher numbered assemblies) and all older printers came with the older assemblies (lower numbered). In applications where the AC power isn't very clean and has switching spikes the newer version may be a bit more fault tolerant. For most people who have clean AC power in their buildings, there will not be any performance difference.

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