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Internal Components 1
(All NX Versions)

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[Internal Components (All NX Versions)]

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Part NumberDescriptionPrinter Compatibility Notes
102-1RB1-0221-000Guide, UpperALL
102-4RB1-0804-000Mount, Fixing Assembly, FrontALL
102-5RB1-0818-030Support, StopALL
102-6RG5-0076-000High-Voltage Transformer Assembly, 300 dpi All Except LJ 4Si
102-6RG5-0170-000High-Voltage Transformer Assembly, 600 dpi All Except LJ IIISi
102-7RG5-0042-000Main Motor PCB Mount AssemblyALL
102-7ARB1-0291-000Plate, PCB MountingALL
102-7BXA9-0302-000Screw, TPALL
102-8RG5-0141-000Transfer Roller Assembly
(Replaces RG5-0044)
102-9RG5-0045-000Transfer Guide AssemblyALL
102-9ARF5-0062-000Eliminator, Static ChargeALL
102-9BRF5-0063-000Guide, PaperALL
102-10RG5-0104-000Cable UnitALL
102-10ARB1-0681-000Rail, CableALL
102-10BRG5-0105-000HVT/Motor CableALL
102-10CWT2-0030-000Tie, CableALL
102-11RG5-0109-000Duplexing Cable UnitALL
102-11ARB1-0686-000Plate, MountingALL
102-11BRB1-0687-000Mount, ConnectorALL
102-11CRG5-0110-030Duplexing CableALL
102-11DXA9-0493-000Screw, with Washer, M3X8ALL
102-11FRB1-0689-000Spring, LeafALL
102-11GRG5-0139-000Diode, AMO1AALL
102-12RB1-0855-000Toothed LockwasherIIIsi/4si
102-13RG5-0136-000Bias Cable Guide AssemblyALL
102-13ARG5-0114-000Cable, Developing Unit BiasALL
102-13BRB1-0650-020Guide, Bias CableALL
102-14RG5-0116-000Door Sensor AssemblyIIIsi/4si
102-14RG5-0268-000Door Sensor CableNX
102-15XA9-0267-000Screw, TP, M3X6NX
102-16RB1-0854-020Screw, Fuser AssemblyNX
102-17RB1-0827-000Guide, ConnectorNX, IIIsi
102-18XA9-0540-000Screw, TP, M4ALL
102-19XA9-0382-000Screw, TP, M3X12NX
102-20FA9-1449-000Screw, Truss Head, with WasherNX
102-21RF5-0095-020Screw, with Washer, Fixing UnitNX
102-22XB6-7400-609Screw, Washer Head Mach (K63)NX
102-23XB1-2400-607Screw, Binding Head Mach (E57)NX
102-24XB1-2300-609Screw, Binding Head Mach. (E21)NX

All of the internal components diagrammed in the above illustration are physically the same shape for all Canon NX-based printers, including the HP IIISi and 4Si. Therefore, this diagram applies to all NX-based printers.


There are two versions of the high-voltage transformer assembly; one for 300 dpi printers such as the HP IIISi, and one for 600 dpi printers such as the HP 4Si.

The QMS-PS 1725 uses resolution doubling to achieve 600 dpi like print from 300 dpi engine. Therefore, both the 300 dpi QMS-PS 1700 and the 600 dpi QMS-PS 1725 use the same high-voltage transformer assembly (RG5-00076-020).

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