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Repair and Preventive Maintenance Kit

for HP LaserJet 3100 & 3150 series,
110V and 220V versions

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Repair and Preventive Maintenance
for HP LaserJet 3100, 3100se, 3100xi,
HP LaserJet 3150, 3150se, and 3150xi

see below for contents of kit


maintenance kit for HP LaserJet  3100 & hp LaserJet 3150 series

 See our Roller Kit for HP LaserJet 3100 & 3150, too

ONLY NEED A FUSER ?  Check here

Maintenance Kit Contents:
Our kits contain GENUINE HP parts.

TPW Maintenance Kit for HP LaserJet 3100 and 3150 series, and other 3100 printers— p/n's:
3100-MK (click to check price or order 110V Kit)
(click to check price or order 220V Kit)

  • 1 Film & Heater Assembly

  • 1 Transfer Roller

  • 1 Pick-Up Roller Assembly

  • 1 Pressure Roller

  • 1 Exit Roller Assembly

  • 1 Separation Pad Kit

  • 1 Feed/Idler Roller

  • Gloves*

  • Free Installation Instructions,
    written by The Printer Works
    Our step-by-step instructions are very detailed and contain
    many photographs. No need to buy an expensive service
    manual to learn how to install our Maintenance Kit!

    *These items are not included in
       a standard HP maintenance kit

Only want a specific part and already know how to install it? We offer all our Maintenance Kit contents separately at competitive prices. Find individual parts by doing a top-down search (by printer model), or by browsing our catalogs.

Our parts are all factory fresh recent production and are sealed in their original individual packages. Avoid the expense and frustration of frequent repairs by using only Genuine HP OEM Parts!

Printer Fixing Error: Replace Fixing Unit.
What? How do I do THAT?
If your printer stopped and you got the above error message, you've come to the right place. (confirm fuser failure)

Fusers, like lightbulbs, fail suddenly. If yours has gone out, this kit will fix the problem fast.
It contains fuser, rollers, and complete instructions— we send you everything to get your printer running and restore print quality, in one convenient, competitively priced kit, with our 6-month warranty. Install a kit at intervals, too, to prevent sudden failure. (see other indications of need)

Check your printer's control panel to confirm fuser failure —

Further indications a Maintenance Kit may be needed:

Poor print quality can indicate a dirty fuser assembly and worn, dirty rollers. A dirty fuser is likely to fail.

  • Blobs of toner may appear on the paper from time to time.

  • If a rough spot develops, a groove can wear into the surface of the fusing roller, causing a vertical strip of partially fused toner down the paper that can flake off or become a sticky "glue" that attracts more dust and dirt into the assembly.

  • Dirt and friction are
    enemies that cause wear, including premature fuser failure.

When your fuser is still good, but you are experiencing paper path problems, our Roller Kits can provide a cost effective alternative to a full maintenance kit:
See Roller Kit for HP LaserJet 3100 & 3150

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or Order HP LaserJet
3100 Maintenance Kit:
110V or 220V

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