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hp laserjet IIp, hp laserjet IIIp,


hp laserjet IIp, hp laserjet IIIp,
Parts Catalog
Applies to HP LaserJet IIP, IIP Plus, IIIP, & other LX printers



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   The LX was the first Canon engine to use a transfer roller instead of a corona wire in the printing process. This gives improved coverage of toner on paper, eliminating "toner scatter". It also eliminates ozone emissions and the need for ozone filters.

   The LX prints four pages per minute and comes with a multipurpose paper tray that holds sizes from 3 1/2 by 5 inches up to 8 1/2 by 14 inches. LX printers also give the user a choice of face-up (collated) or face-down (reverse collated) printing.

   A popular accessory for LX printers is the optional second paper feeder and cassette assembly, which comes in a variety of sizes and includes a cassette that holds up to 250 sheets of paper. It turns the LX into a dual bin printer with a second addressable paper tray. The LX printers have a small footprint, meaning they take up less of your work space, and the optional cassette assembly fits underneath, keeping the footprint small. See Diagram 300.

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Diagram Description

LP LX Printer Models Table
     LaserJet IIP, IIP Plus, IIIP Data Sheet
  Refurbished HP Printers

ACC LX Supplies (Toner, etc.), including Maintenance Kits & Roller Kits
      Maintenance Kit for LX, HP LaserJet IIP, IIP+, IIIP
      Roller Kit for LX, HP LaserJet IIP, IIP+, IIIP

100 External Covers and Panels: Front-Feed Models
100A External Covers and Panels: Side-Feed Models
100B External Covers and Panels: Apple Personal LaserWriter LS, NT, SC
101 Front Cover Assembly (All LX)
102 Upper Cover Assembly (HP IIP,IIP Plus, IIIP)
102A Upper Cover Assembly (Canon LBP-4, LBP-4 Plus)
102B Upper Cover Assembly (Canon LBP-LX PCB/VDO)
102C Upper Cover Assembly (AppleLaserWriter LS, NT, SC)
103 Upper Mainframe (Internal Cover) Assembly
104 Main Body Assembly Components (All LX)
105 Bottom Plate & Internal Components
(Front Feed Versions: HP IIP, IIP Plus, IIIP; Canon LBP-4, DEC 1152)
105A Bottom Plate & Internal Components (Side Feed Versions)
110 Power Inlet Assembly (All LX)
140 Control Panel Assemblies
200 High Voltage Contact Assembly (All LX)
240 Drive Assembly (All LX)
250 Rod Assembly (All LX)
300 Optional Paper Feeder and Cassette Assemblies
310 Cassette Feeder Main Body
340 Pick-Up Roller Assembly (All LX)
350 Input Feed Roller (All LX)
370 Face-Down Delivery Assembly (All LX)
390 Cassette Feeder PCB Assembly
810 Fixing / Fuser Assembly
930 DC Controller PCB Assembly
931 Controller / Formatter PCB Assemblies
932 RAM & ROM PCB Assemblies
934 Interface Bracket Assemblies
935 Interface PCB Assembly
941 Density Adjusting PCB Assembly
970 Video Controller Housing (HP IIP,IIP Plus, IIIP)
970A Video Controller Housing (Canon LBP-4, LBP-4 Plus)
970B Video Controller Housing (Canon LBP-LX PCB/VDO)
970C Video Controller Housing (Apple Personal LaserWriter LS, NT, SC)
980 High Voltage Power Supply PCB Assembly (All LX)
V20 RAM-C Board Assembly
V90 RAM-V Board Assembly

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