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Rod Assembly (All LX)

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[Rod Assembly (All LX)]

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Part NumberDescriptionPrinter Compatibility Notes
250-0 RG1-1781-030 Rod, Assembly All, except LW
250-1 RA1-7481-000 Rod All, except LW
250-2 RA1-7482-000 Lever, Shutter All, except LW
250-3 RA1-7483-000 Plate, Retainer All, except LW
250-4 RA1-7484-000 Rack All, except LW
250-5 RA1-7485-020 Block, Support Rod All, except LW
250-6 RS1-2238-000 Spring, Tension All, except LW
250-7 RS1-2239-000 Spring, Tension All, except LW
250-8 XB4-7401-009 Screw, Self Tapping (G23) All, except LW


The Rod Assembly is part of a safety system that cuts AC power to the fixing assembly when the front door of the printer is open. The door switch does not affect power to the low-voltage power supply, so the printer controller will stay on when the operator has opened the door to clear a jam or change the toner cartridge. The rod assembly is the same for all LX printers.

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