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Front Cover Assembly (All LX)

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[Front Cover Assembly (All LX)]

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Part NumberDescriptionPrinter Compatibility Notes
101-0 949-0295-R Front Cover Assembly LW
101-0 RG1-1786-030 Front Cover Assembly, 100/115V, LBP4 Canon LBP-4
101-0 RG1-1787-020 Front Cover Assembly, 220/240V, LBP4 Canon LBP-4
101-0 RG1-1804-000 Front Cover Assembly, 100/115V, IIP IIP
101-0 RG1-1805-000 Front Cover Assembly, 220/240V, IIP IIP
101-0 RG1-1924-000 Front Cover Assembly, 100/115V, LBP4 Plus Canon LBP-4 Plus
101-0 RG1-1925-000 Front Cover Assembly, 220/240V, LBP4 Plus Canon LBP-4 Plus
101-0 RG1-2320-000 Left Cover Assembly, 100/115V, LX LX
101-0 RG1-2321-000 Left Cover Assembly, 220/240V, LX LX
101-0 RG1-2622-000 Front Cover Assembly, 100/115V, IIP Plus IIP Plus
101-0 RG1-2623-000 Front Cover Assembly, 220/240V, IIP Plus IIP Plus
101-0 RG1-2692-000 Front Cover Assembly, 100/115V, IIIP IIIP
101- RG1-2693-000 Front Cover Assembly, 220/240V, IIIP IIIP
101-1 971-0048-R Deflector LW
101-1 RA1-7626-000 Deflector Canon LBP-4/4 Plus, LX
101-1 RA1-8244-000 Deflector IIP,IIP Plus,IIIP
101-2 RG9-0681-000 Transfer Guide Assembly All
101-2A RA1-7825-000 Plate, Grounding All
101-2B RA1-8233-000 Bushing All
101-2C RA1-8234-000 Plate All
101-2D RH6-3091-000 Resistor, 68MOHM, 1/2W All
101-2E RF1-2496-000 Guide All
101-2F RA1-8254-000 Contact All
101-3 RA1-7628-000 Cap, Spring All
101-4 RA1-7629-000 Arm, Paper Pick-up All, except LW
101-5 RS1-0290-000 Gear, 30T All
101-6 XA9-0382-000 Screw, TP, M3X12 All
101-7 RF1-2400-050 Plate, Paper Guide All, except LW
101-7A RA1-7625-000 Sheet, Guide All, except LW
101-8 RF1-2491-000 Roller, Delivery All
101-9 RS1-2244-000 Spring, Compression All
101-10 XB2-7300-807 Screw, W/Washer, M3X8 All
101-11 RA9-0621-000 Screw, Stepped, M3X6 All
101-12 RG1-1793-000 Left TR Roller Mount Assembly All
101-12A RA1-7621-000 Retainer, TR, Left All
101-12B RA1-7623-000 Bushing All
101-12C RS1-2242-000 Spring, Compression All
101-13 RG1-1794-040 Right TR Roller Mount Assembly All
101-13A RA1-7622-020 Retainer, TR, Right All
101-13B RA2-0757-000 Bushing All
101-13C RS1-2243-000 Spring, Compression All
101-14 RA1-7562-000 Lever, Paper Sensor All
101-15 RA1-7565-040 Plate, Grounding, A All
101-16 RA1-7566-000 Plate, Grounding, B All, except LW
101-17 RA1-7567-000 Plate, Positioning (not shown) IIP, IIP Plus,IIIP
101-18 RA1-7637-000 Holder, Cord All
101-19 RA1-7632-000 Cover, Cord, Front All
101-20 RF1-2487-090 Panel, Front, LBP4 Canon LBP-4
101-20- RF1-3012-000 Panel, Left, LX/LX PCB LX
101-20 RF1-3306-000 Panel, Front, LBP4 Plus Canon LBP-4 Plus
101-21 RA1-7563-000 Mount, Rod Canon LBP-4/4 Plus, LW, LX
101-22 RS1-0291-000 Gear, 20T All
101-23 RA1-7717-000 Arm, Sensing All
101-24 RA1-7718-000 Spring, Torsion All
101-25 RS1-2253-000 Spring, Tension All
101-26 RG1-1602-000 Fixing AC PCB Assembly All
101-27 RG1-1608-000 Cable, Assembly All, except LW
101-27A WG8-0323-000 Photo-interrupter All, except LW
101-27B RA1-7570-000 Mount, Sensor All, except LW
101-27C RA1-7579-000 Guide, Cord All, except LW
101-27D WA1-1124-000 Diode, SHV-02 All, except LW
101-27E RH2-5105-000 Pin, Assembly, 3P All, except LW
101-28 949-0276-R Face-up Cover Assembly LW
101-28 RG1-1832-140 Face-up Cover Assembly Canon LBP-4/4 Plus
101-28 RG1-1834-000 Face-up Cover Assembly IIP,IIP Plus,IIIP
101-28 RG1-2323-050 Face-up Cover Assembly LX
101-28A RA1-7721-090 Cover, Front Upper Canon LBP-4/4 Plus
101-28A RA1-9866-030 Cover, Left Upper LX
101-28B RA1-7714-000 Roller, Delivery All, except LW
101-28C RA1-7716-000 Plate, Grounding All, except LW
101-28D RS1-0306-000 Gear, 15T All, except LW
101-28E RS1-0305-000 Gear, 14T All, except LW
101-28F RA1-7822-000 Support, Roller All, except LW
101-29 RG1-1833-040 Face-up Delivery Drive Assembly All
101-29A RA1-7611-000 Support, Roller All
101-29B RA1-7715-000 Shaft All
101-29C RS1-0288-000 Gear, 14T All
101-29D RS1-0304-000 Gear, 15T All
101-30 RA1-7627-000 Roller, Transfer All
101-31 RS1-0292-000 Gear, 27T All
101-32 RA9-0689-000 Tape All
101-33 RA1-8255-000 Plate, Hook Shaft Canon LBP-4/4 Plus, IIP,IIP Plus,IIIP
101-33 RA1-9896-000 Plate, Hook Shaft LX
101-34 RA1-9872-020 Cover, Front LX
101-35 RA1-9873-020 Cover, Rear LX
101-36 XB4-7400-807 Screw, Self Tapping (G31)(G38) All
101-37 XB4-7400-809 Screw, Self Tapping, M4X8 (G25) All
101-38 XB4-7300-807 Screw, Self Tapping (G37) All
101-40 XD2-1100-242 Ring, Retaining (V06) All
101-41 XB1-2300-607 Screw, Binding Machine Head (E20) All
101-42 XB1-2300-809 Screw, Binding Machine Head (E26) All
101-43 XB1-2300-807 Screw, Binding Machine Head (E25) All
101-44 XB5-2300-609 Screw, Binding Head, Self Tapping, M3X6 (G61) All


This diagram shows the "front" or "left" cover assembly. For the "side-feed" printers listed in Diagram 100A, this assembly is called the "left" cover assembly. The cover assemblies on these wide-front printers are oriented 90 degrees clockwise from the HP, Canon and Apple "front" versions.

The front / left cover assembly is sold with a fixing assembly (fuser) installed. Therefore, there are both 110 volt and 220 volt versions available.

Since all versions have most parts in common, we have chosen to use a single diagram for all LX-based printer models. The major difference among model types is the front (or left) panel, which comes in different shapes and colors for the various models. Items 1, 4, 7, 16, 20, 27, 28, and 33 are not found on the Apple Personal LaserWriter version.

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