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External Covers, Panels:
Front Feed Models

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[External Covers, Panels for Front Feed Models]

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Part NumberDescriptionPrinter Compatibility Notes
100-1 RA1-7520-000 Panel, Right IIP,IIP Plus,IIIP
100-1 RA1-7529-000 Panel, Right Canon LBP-4/4 Plus
100-2 RA1-7522-000 Panel, Left IIP,IIP Plus,IIIP
100-2 RA1-7530-000 Panel, Left Canon LBP-4/4 Plus
100-2 RF1-2401-000 Panel, Left
(See RA1-7522-000)
100-3 RF1-2431-000 Panel, Rear IIP,IIP Plus,IIIP
100-3 RF1-2432-000 Panel, Rear Canon LBP-4/4 Plus
100-3A XA9-0495-000 Screw, TP, M3X10 Canon LBP-4/4 Plus
100-3B RA1-7560-000 Ring (V06) Canon LBP-4/4 Plus
100-4 RA1-7630-000 Tray, Face-up Canon LBP-4/4 Plus, IIP, IIP Plus, IIIP
100-5 RG1-1796-000 Multi-purpose Tray Assembly Canon LBP-4/4 Plus
100-5 RG1-1806-070 Multi-purpose Tray Assembly IIP,IIP Plus,IIIP
100-6 RA1-7631-000 Tray, Legal Extension IIP,IIP Plus,IIIP


This diagram applies to the HP IIP / IIP Plus / IIIP printer, as well as the Canon LBP 4 / LBP 4 Plus and the DEC 1152, which are all "front-feed" models. Corresponding parts for the "side-feed" models, such as The Printer Works' LX-29000 and the QMS-PS 410, are shown in Diagram 100A. The Apple Personal LaserWriter covers are shown in Diagram 100B.

The Multi-purpose Tray Assembly (Item Number 5) is more completely depicted in the external location diagram, Assembly Location Diagram 1. The components of this assembly are not currently available separately.

Each OEM uses a different color of plastic and their covers are somewhat different in shape, with the Canon and DEC versions being similar in shape and different from HP's.

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