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External Covers, Panels:
Side Feed Models

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[External Covers, Panels for Side Feed Models]

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Part NumberDescriptionPrinter Compatibility Notes
100A-1 RA1-9886-030 Panel, Front, LX LX
100A-2 RF1-3014-000 Panel, Rear, LX/LX PCB LX
100A-3 RA1-9889-020 Panel, Right, LX/LX PCB LX
100A-4 RA1-9897-020 Tray, Face-up, LX/LX PCB LX
100A-5 RG1-2347-000 Multi-purpose Tray Assembly, LX/LX PCB LX
100A-6 RA1-9887-000 Support, Panel, LX/LX PCB LX
100A-7 RA1-9888-000 Plate, Grounding, LX PCB LX
100A-10 XA9-0475-000 Screw, M3X10, LX PCB LX
100A-11 XA9-0535-000 Screw, W/Washer, M3, LX/LX PCB LX


This diagram applies to the "side-feed" version of the LX-based printers. (For front feed models, see Diagram 100.) The following table lists some of the most common side feed models:
Canon OEM Model Name
The Printer Works, Inc. LX-29000
Canon Computer Systems, Inc. (CCSI) LBP4-sx
Brother International HL-4, HL-4e
QMS 410 / 420
Star Micronics Laser Printer 4, 4S, 4III
Laser Master WinPrinter

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