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LaserJet M3027/M3035 MFP

External Covers, Panels, Etc.

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External Covers, Panels, Etc, Diagram 100

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Part Number Description Printer Compatibility Notes
100-1 RM1-3772-000 Top Cover Ass'y LJ M3027/x/3035/xs mfp
100-1A RM1-3743-000 Flag, Left, Face-down Full LJ M3027/x/3035/xs mfp
100-1B RM1-3742-000 Flag, Right, Face-down Full LJ M3027/x/3035/xs mfp
100-2 RC2-0726-000 Cover, Fax, LJ M3027x/3035xs LJ M3027x/3035xs mfp
100-3 RC2-0729-000 Cover, Internal Fax, LJ M3027x/M3035xs LJ M3027x/3035xs mfp
100-4 RM1-3790-000 CameraStapler Door and Cover/Door Assembly LJ M3035xs mfp
100-4A CB414-40064 CameraStapler Door LJ M3035xs mfp
100-5 RC2-0727-000 CameraCover, No-Stapler Version LJ M3027/x/3035 mfp
100-6 RC2-0724-000 CameraTray, Paper Clip Holder LJ M3027/x/3035/xs mfp
100-7 RC2-0722-000 Cover, Right, Side DIMM LJ M3027/x/3035/xs mfp
100-8 RM1-3722-000 Door Ass'y, Cartidge LJ M3027/x/3035/xs mfp
100-9 RU5-2388-000 Spring, Tension LJ M3027/x/3035/xs mfp
100-10 RC2-0603-000 Cover, Right, Lower LJ M3027/x/3035/xs mfp
100-11 RL1-1723-000 Cover, Right, Front LJ M3027/x/3035/xs mfp
100-12 RM1-3723-000 Multi-Purpose Cover Ass'y LJ M3027/x/3035/xs mfp
100-13 RC1-4058-000 Hinge, Right LJ M3027/x/3035/xs mfp
100-14 RC1-4057-000 Hinge, Left LJ M3027/x/3035/xs mfp
100-15 RM1-1490-000 Tray, MP Support Ass'y LJ M3027/x/3035/xs mfp
100-16 RM1-3773-000 Cover Ass'y, Left LJ M3027/x/3035/xs mfp
100-17 RM1-3724-000 Cover Ass'y, Rear LJ M3027/x/3035/xs mfp
100-17A RL1-1366-000 Sensor PCB, Tray 3 LJ M3027/x/3035/xs mfp
100-18 RC2-0612-000 Cover, Engine Controller LJ M3027/x/3035/xs mfp


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