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eskJet 1200C
Applies to DeskJets 1200C and 1200C/PS

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The DeskJet 1200C and 1200C/PS made a quantum leap in the already impressive DeskJet capabilities. They have everything you would expect from the DeskJet: superlative HP technologies that provide dazzling real-life color. By now, you take that for granted! But the 1200C also achieves real laser quality black text, by means of pigmented black ink and precise, mode dependent control of the drop volume.It has five print modes, each one optimized for both quality and throughput. The 1200C also prints as fast as a laser printer: among contributors to its speed are an intelligent print mode forecaster, the large capacity for memory, a larger printhead, and a high firing rate. As if that were not enough, the 1200C gives you the the option of a genuine PostScript Level 2 DeskJet with the PS version.

The 1200C has 2MB of RAM standard, expandable to 26MB; plus, with the optional Postscript Unit you get another 4MB, expandable to 20MB. Not to mention the 6MB page protection feature. Paper input has been expanded to 180 sheets, and you get fabulous results on a wide variety of media, including plain old office paper.

Of course, the PostScript option also gives you a LocalTalk interface so you can use the 1200C/PS with your Macintosh. The 1200C uses HP PCL5C, HP-GL/2, and PLJ printer languages standard, and with an optional HP JetDirect Network interface it makes an excellent network solution.

Use this catalog to confirm or search for parts and part numbers, to check prices, or to purchase items, and learn more about the similarities and differences among the Color LaserJet printer models by examining the diagrams. You can also use this catalog's Printer Models Table to check for Color LaserJet printer prices and availability. Also use this catalog or our extensive Search Engine to confirm or search for parts and part numbers, to check prices, or to purchase items.

The Printer Works sells printers, parts, accessories and supplies, new and refurbished, and we maintain one of the largest parts inventories in the nation. We have all the parts you need to repair a printer or to convert one model into the functional equivalent of another. We sell controller upgrades to enhance print quality and speed, and we even carry parts for many printers that have been discontinued by their manufacturers. In addition, we can repair printers of many kinds and we can handle large- or small-quantity repair orders.

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