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Toner Cartridges

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[Toner Cartridge for JetScript-CX Printers]

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For original HP LaserJets, Apple LaserWriters, JetScript-CX,
and similar printers
Part Number Description
R34-0002-150 Toner Cartridge, EP Canon Label NEW
92285A Toner Cartridge, HP Label for LJ, LJ+, LJ 500+
M0180 Toner Cartridge, Apple Brand for LW, LW+

Notes on Toner

Toner is a bit like fine wine - it varies by the label and by the bottle. Toner cartridge quality varies quite a bit depending on the characteristics of the toner used in the cartridge. For years, many people thought mistakenly that Canon CX-based printers, such as the original HP LaserJet and the Apple LaserWriter, could not print graphics as black as the SX-based printers. The fact is, the toner used by Canon in new CX cartridges has a coarse granularity that causes large areas of black to appear uneven when printed. Toner cartridge refilling companies that use toner with a finer consistency have shown that the CX engine can print blacks just as darkly, evenly and sharply as the newer SX engine.

The Printer Works sells remanufactured and new toner cartridges under various OEM brand labels. We test the remanufactured cartridges regularly to find vendors who supply the highest quality toner for graphics. We have found that the quality of CX and SX toner cartridges from the best remanufacturers can exceed that of new cartridges from Canon. The worst remanufacturers fall far short of Canon's standards.

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