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The Printer Works' CX Parts Catalog presents printer models from Apple, Canon, HP, QMS and others that were based on the CX and CXD engines. The CX laser-print engine was a landmark product for many reasons. It was the first truly compact laser printer that users could easily lift and use on their desktops. Without it, the desktop publishing revolution might have been postponed until something similar was invented. It was easy to service as it combined into a single assembly called an EP-cartridge all the critical imaging components: photosensitive drum, toner bay, developing cylinder and cleaning blade. The clam-shell designed body allowed easy one-handed opening to clear paper jams. The CXD is the heavy-duty, dual-bin version of the CX that was introduced in 1985 (about a year after the single-bin CX). You will find further information on features of the CX family of printers under More Information for New Catalog Users.

You can use this catalog to confirm or search for parts and part numbers, to check prices, or to purchase items. You can also learn more about the similarities and differences among CX and CXD printers by examining the diagrams and reading pertinent information found on many of the pages below the parts tables.

The Printer Works sells printers, parts, accessories and supplies, new and refurbished, and we maintain one of the largest parts inventories in the nation. We have all the parts you need to repair a printer or to convert one model into the functional equivalent of another. We sell controller upgrades to enhance print quality and speed, and we even carry parts for many printers that have been discontinued by their manufacturers. In addition, we can repair printers of many kinds and we can handle large- or small-quantity repair orders.

The Printer Works accepts all major credit cards, and our secure server allows you to use your credit card number for online ordering with confidence.

We have sold over 7,000 CX engines, mostly with the QMS JetScript controller. If you have a CX-based laser printer of any kind, this catalog should be very helpful. It features what we believe to be the best new controllers, supplies, and accessories. With high quality supplies and a state-of-the-art controller upgrade installed, we are sure many people will find their CX engines to be very acceptable printers that will meet their needs for many years to come.

We hope you enjoy this catalog and that you will return to use it again and again. And of course, we hope you will remember The Printer Works whenever you want to buy, sell, or refurbish any Canon-based laser printers, parts, or accessories.

Searching the CX Parts Catalog

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CX Contents Assembly Location Diagrams [Search for Printers & Parts] Text Only Version Ordering Info

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