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Paper Cassettes (CX Engine)

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[Paper Cassettes (CX Engine), 300]

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Part NumberDescriptionPrinter Compatibility Notes
300-1R33-0001-000Cassette, Paper, CX LegalAll CX
300-2R33-0002-000Cassette, Paper, CX A4All CX
300-3R33-0003-000Cassette, Paper, CX B5All CX
300-4R33-0004-000Cassette, Paper, CX LetterAll CX
300-1R33-0001-000-UCassette, Paper, Used CX LegalAll CX
300-2R33-0002-000-UCassette, Paper, Used CX A4All CX
300-3R33-0003-000-UCassette, Paper, Used CX B5All CX
300-4R33-0004-000-UCassette, Paper, Used CX LetterAll CX
300-0R33-0004-FDXCassette, Paper, CX Letter, PlumFederal Express
300-0699-0347Cassette, Paper, LW Legal, PlatinumApple LW
300-0699-0326Cassette, Paper, LW A4, PlatinumApple LW
300-0699-0305Cassette, Paper, LW B5, PlatinumApple LW
300-0699-0357Cassette, Paper, LW Letter, PlatinumApple LW (R33-0014-000)

Shape and Colors

All CX engines use the same shape of paper cassette assembly, which was never revised. Maximum capacity is about 100 sheets. Canon brand, HP, QMS, Wang and most other Canon OEM CX printers were sold with the same bronze-colored paper cassettes. Federal Express cassettes were molded in plum-colored plastic. Apple LaserWriters were supposedly all shipped with white or platinum paper cassettes, but are often found used with standard brown-colored cassettes installed, for some reason. The Printer Works sells both new and used paper cassettes. Used paper cassettes are listed with the -R suffix, whereas new ones have no suffix.

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