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High Voltage Power Supply

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[High Voltage Power Supply, new and revised versions, 125]

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Part NumberDescriptionPrinter Compatibility Notes
125-0RG1-0213-070High Voltage Power Supply
Replaced by RG1-0469-050 (below)
All CX except Apple
125-0RG1-0469-050High Voltage Power SupplyAll CX/All CXD except Apple
125-0661-0266High Voltage Power Supply, Apple LWAll Apple LaserWriter
125-0RG1-0649-000Wrong p/n see RG1-0469-050From HP manual
125-1RA1-0748-000Dial, Print DensityAll CX
125-1ARA1-1806-000Dial, Print DensityAll CXD and CX
125-1ARA1-0748-FDXDial, Print Density, Fed Ex PurpleFederal Express
125-1A970-1071Dial, Print Density, Apple WhiteApple LW Original Color
125-1A970-1308Dial, Print Density, Apple PlatinumApple LW Revised Color
125-2RF1-0154-000Resistor, VariableAll Versions
125-3RA1-0750-000Cover, High VoltageOriginal version
125-3ARA1-1805-000Cover, High VoltageRevised version
125-4XB1-2300-809Screw, Mach, M3X8Original CX version
125-5XB6-2400-508Setscrew, Hex Skt, M4X5Original CX version


The high-voltage power supply contains a flyback transformer to generate high voltages for the primary corona, transfer corona, and developing bias from the 24V section of the DC power supply. Digital signals from the DC controller activate the high-voltage supply. A print density dial is located on the side of the high-voltage supply, which is accessible by the operator. This dial comes in several different colors.

The high-voltage power supply has been revised several times. The original part number was RG1-0213-000, which was revised to -070 and is pictured in Diagram 125 above. A second version, always used in CXD printers and later CX models, is RG1-0469-050. This version has a different cover and is also pictured above, labeled 'Revised Version'. The HP service manual lists the part number for it as RG1-0649-000. We believe that HP made a typographical error and the correct part number is actually RG1-0469-050.

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