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Internal Components, 1

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Internal Components, 1

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Part NumberDescriptionPrinter Compatibility Notes
101-1 RF5-1707-000 Leg, 1460
101-1A RB1-7307-000 Foot460
101-2 RB1-7247-000 Guide PaperAll
101-3 RB1-7305-000 Plate, FrameAll
101-4 RF5-1509-000 Plate, Reinforcement, CaseAll
101-4A RB1-7345-000 NetAll
101-5 RF5-1708-000 Leg, 2460
101-5A RB1-7307-000 Foot460
101-6 RB1-7130-000 Guide, CableAll
101-7 RB1-7234-000 CapAll
101-8 XA9-0686-000 Screw, RS, M3X6460
101-8 XA9-0855-000 Screw, RS, M3X6LJ 5L/6L
101-9 XA9-0724-000 Screw, RS, M3X8All
101-11 RB1-7176-000 Sheet, GuideAll
101-12 RB1-7109-000 Guide, Memory DoorLJ 5L/6L
101-13 RB1-7344-000 Cover, AC CableLJ 5L/6L
101-14 RB1-7343-000 Guide, Control Panel CableLJ 5L/6L
101-15 RB1-7302-000 CapLJ 5L/6L
101-501 XB4-7401-007 Screw, Tapping, Pan Head, M4X10All
101-502 XB1-1300-807 Screw, Mach., Pan Head, M3X8All

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